A relaxing backyard pool in Fresno isn’t a luxury reserved only for properties with vast open areas. Though having one might look like a privilege for people with extra spaces and big homes, this article will attest that despite having a small yard, you can incorporate the best swimming pool designs into your home.

swimming pool designs

Thanks to design creativity and new pool technologies, there are lots of ways to enjoy having this great amenity in your property in Fresno.

Here are some swimming pool designs to consider for your small yards:

1. Small pool (spool)

Have you considered having a spool in your yard? It is perfect for saving space since it serves many uses. Usually, a spool features built in jets and seats. Better still, during winter you can use it as a relaxing spa since it’s affordable and quick to heat the water.

2. Small infinity pool

If your small outdoor space is on a hillside or slope, you can leverage the hill by creating the illusion your pool is larger than it is with an infinity pool design. In addition, you can have a vanishing edge pool even with a small outdoor space an infinity. You only require an expert Premier Pools & Spas pool builder to your dream pool.

swimming pool designs

3. Lap pool parallel to your house

If you want a pool but have to cope with the limits of a narrow piece of land, do not worry since you can still have one built right up to the side of your home. The proper way to fit a lap pool right into your home is to install it parallel to your home, right up against your fence or wall-line.

4. Garden side swimming pool designs

Installing a free-form pool in your backyard is a fascinating addition to your property. By adding natural features, your pool will look wonderful its distinct size. When you’re not using your pool, it can resemble an artificial lake, a water feature or a pond; not captivating isn’t it?

5. Plunge pool

This is a small, deep pool for relaxing and dipping. What is great about this kind of pool is that it will easily fit into small areas. It might not be as beneficial as a full-sized pool or lap pools, but it is similarly rejuvenating during the hot summer months. Plunge swimming pool designs are affordable as well. Thanks to their smaller diameter and volume, it needs less material and labor, and it’s cheaper and quicker to heat and maintain the pool water.

6. Free-form pool mimicking your background’s shape

You can consider a concrete inground pool as a wonderful choice for saving space in your yard. A free-form can replicate your yard’s shape and thus make the most of the available space. As this pool fits neatly, there’s no wastage of unused corners.

swimming pool designs

Swimming Pool Designs- Conclusion

We hope these swimming pool designs recommended for small spaces have inspired you to add a pool to your small backyard in Fresno. To get more on about your swimming pool designs contact Premier Pools & Spas of Fresno today!

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