When you are ready to add a pool to your property, you’ll have some decisions to make on its style. When talking about pool designing, one thing that you should determine is the swimming pool shape. There are some things that you should think about, like your family’s size and your location.

Whether you choose a standard shape or decide to create a custom design shape, the professionals at Premier Pools & Spas will help you understand each swimming pool shape. This will ensure you make the right decision when you install your pool.

swimming pool shape


These pool types are classic. In early pool designs, they were the most popular shaped pools. A rectangular-shaped pool is perfect for swimming laps with their narrow, straight, and long design. Though they are a timeless design, there are lots of other designs to choose from.


The L-shaped pool is a great option that encompasses all kinds of swimming activities. Whether you intend to use the pool for kids or swimming laps, L-shaped pools are perfect for all stages and ages. The pool’s smaller section — referred to as the foot — often extends from the main part.


A Lazy-L shaped pool looks like a rectangle swimming pool with an area for both pool entry steps to the side and lap swimming. The design permits lap swimmers and those unwinding at the same time, without crossing paths.

Both of these pool shapes have a “foot” section that lets kids wade in the shallow water, while the deep end offers lap swimmers lots of room. They also usually have a natural gradual slope from the pools’ shallow part to the deep end, instead of a steep slope that many other pool shapes have.


These pool types are great for families. Oval-shaped pools provide basically the same functions as rectangular swimming pools, except that they have rounded edges to provide them with a softer appearance. The pools are perfect for water sports and for families.

swimming pool shape


These pools are much like the oval swimming pool shape, only with a depression in one of the pool’s sides. Kidney-shaped pools are great for any size outdoor space. The elegant swimming pool shape is great for incorporating greenery, and even for incorporating a spa.

Figure 8

This design offers convenience for families. The design provides you with good separation between the pool’s deep end and the shallow end. Your kids will be able to play in the pool’s shallow end while having a good idea of where the pool’s deep end starts.

swimming pool shape

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