Swimming is an exceptionally enjoyable sport. Approach it with determination and the correct technique to ace it with a couple of month’s lessons. Your coach should undoubtedly be your go-to person when learning swimming for the first time. However, he or she might not indulge you by sharing all the water tricks that are up to their sleeves. Here are some popular tricks you may try in swimming pools Phoenix AZ that shall aid you in enjoying your daily swim even more.

The Dolphin Technique

clothes in the pool

The most efficient way to master any skill is to know the tricks of the trade. Enacting a Dolphin kick is the best way to make heads turn. The perfect kick necessitates that you join your legs together and in a synchronized motion. Next, start kicking out underwater with pointed feet resembling the movement of the tail of a dolphin. Keep your hands outstretched with the palms joined together while swimming like a dolphin.

Practice the technique routinely to ensure it looks like you have your act together.

Thrilling Somersaults in Water

Somersaulting on land is too mainstream and passé. How about a flawless flip underwater? Whether you’re an expert or an amateur swimmer; everyone can easily master this easy technique. Just move towards the walls of swimming pools Phoenix AZ by swimming freestyle. Next, begin by bending from your hip with the chin tucked inwards.

On reaching the wall just glide forwards and drive ahead with your hands. It will also give you a headstart if you are competing with your peers. Fair warning, this trick must be performed by expert swimmers.

The Helicopter Dive

Best Swimming Tricks to Enjoy Your Daily Swims 1


Regular diving can be humdrum, let’s add a fun element to it. This is a diving trick that will take everyone by surprise but remember to scout out the surroundings beforehand so you avoid hurting anyone. You will need to jump from a height to be able to showcase the trick. Take a leap and jump off the diving board while giving a quick spin to your torso, much like the wings of a helicopter.

The splash of the water and your cheering pals will be the mark of a perfect dive.

An Underwater Handstand

It is always advisable to master a handstand before attempting to try it underwater and amaze onlookers. That being said, you must proceed with caution. Flip upside down and touch the bottom of the pool with your hands landing flat on the surface. You must manage to stay erect with your legs slighting showing above the surface of the water. Then continue to straighten up as you watch your onlookers marvel at the interesting swimming trick. Once you practice, you tend to develop your own amusing tricks that can make you a hit with your friends.

It is always a joy to spend some more time in the pool and learn some tricks to impress your acquaintances. Use the aforementioned tricks every swimmer to make your time in swimming pools Phoenix AZ interesting and playful.

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