If you have decided on buying a swimming pool for your backyard, then you are likely wondering when would be the best time to build a pool. A salesman will tell you that now is the time to buy whether its spring, fall winter or autumn.

This article will show you the pros and cons of building a pool during any season. You can then make an informed decision and build a pool that is right for you.

So, when is the best time to build a pool?


As soon as the weather begins to warm up, swimming pool sales go up. This is the time when most homeowners decide to build a pool.

Pros: Regardless of the type of pool, a spring pool installation means that you get to use the pool during summer.

Cons: Since demand is so high, the prices are high, and it is difficult to find good deals during spring. Pool builders have busy schedules at this time and do not see the need to lower their prices as an incentive. Spring also tends to be a rainy season, and this can cause delays in installation.


This is generally the worst time you could choose to build a pool.

Pros: It is a good time to book a pool installation especially during late summer as contractors are eager to extend their peak season.

Cons: Prices for materials are high as demand for pool builders is usually at a peak during summer. Since the installation process is messy and can take several weeks, it can dampen the summer mood for you and your family. You may not get to enjoy your swimming pool at all during summer.


Pros: It is an off-peak season for contractors, and they are likely to offer lower prices. Materials and equipment are also available at lower prices. It gives you time to landscape and plant trees and flowers which will have grown during the next summer. The ground is usually drier during this time of the year. This makes the installation process faster.

Cons: You will not get to use your swimming pool until the next summer although you will have your swimming pool ready by then, and get the chance to use your heated pump in the colder season.


Pros: This a very low season for pool contractors and prices are very affordable. Your pool will be ready for use when summer arrives.

Cons: The weather can make it very difficult to install the pool. It can be hard to find a builder at this time as most close operations until spring.

Does the time of year really matter?

No. The best time to build a pool is when you are ready. Take time to plan your pool, and get several quotes from different pool builders. Once you decide on which pool company to use you can go through the designs and change them to what you need.

It is always best to choose a time of year which will not interfere with your schedule and gives you a chance to save.

All in all, it is better to pay more and get the pool you want rather than get a ‘deal,’ and it turns out to be a disappointment.



When is the best time to build a swimming pool in Marin

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