As the weather gets warmer, every pool owner wants to know when the best time to turn on their pool solar is. The best time to turn on your pool solar is in the late spring months, so closer to May. It all truly depends on if you are ready to start using your pool. If you are going to take advantage of your swimming pool to its fullest extent, then go for it! However, if you want to turn it on to just turn it on, then we suggest waiting and here is why.

When Should You Turn on your Pool Solar?

Pool solar is all about timing and utilizing your saved dollars to their fullest extent. If you turn your pool solar on too early you will not be able to experience a warm swimming pool. If you were to turn on your pool solar in March or April, it is probably still too cold outside and won’t heat your swimming pool up.

The ideal time to turn on your solar pool is during the month of May when the weather is starting to warm up. Make sure the weather is going to be consistently warm for at least 3-4 days because this is how your swimming pool will warm up quicker. If the nights are still hitting 50 degree weather than it is going to take your swimming pool water longer to heat up.

How Professional Pool Service Helps

Premier Pool Service of Coachella Valley has professional tips and tricks to help you get your summer season started. While we are waiting for May to warm us up in Southern California, there are some additional pool maintenance things that can help us kickstart the summer season.

First off, as the weather gets warmer so will the swimming pool. If you turn your pool solar on it will also just sped up the process. This is why it is important to get ahead of your summer pool maintenance with clean chemicals and algaecide. We know from experience that algae likes to migrate towards still and warm water, so to avoid algae in our pools Premier Pool Service of Coachella is going to help you.

Make sure to keep your swimming pool pump running and that your chemicals are properly balanced for the cleanest swimming pool in the Coachella Valley metro. Contact Premier Pool Service if you need any assistance with cleaning out your swimming pool.

Contact Premier Pool Service Today!

Premier Pool Service is a sister company to Premier Pools & Spas and has multiple service packages to offer pool owners that need a little extra help with cleaning their pool. If you are unsure of how to clean your pool filter, call up Premier Pool Service of Coachella Valley because we can help you with any of your pool maintenance needs. We are also able to balance your pool chemicals and keep algae OUT of your swimming pool.

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