Installing your own personal pool in Salt Lake City is a huge decision. It will need regular maintenance, and the cost of installation can be costly. Alternatively, a pool, no matter its size, can potentially transform your home. Which, in turn, brings about an essential question: what is the best type of pool decking? To respond to that question, it will make sense to first check out the qualities and characteristics of any material, which goes around your pool around.

best type of pool decking

What’s the Best Type of Pool Decking?

Poured Concrete:

This choice is quite affordable and nice on the feet. But most poured concrete can get slippery when wet. You can reduce that risk by adding a non-slip coating; however, it will increase the expenses and add a maintenance program. Additionally, this material can crack when the temperatures fluctuate.

Concrete Pavers:

Pavers get rid of the cracking issues of solid concrete, and some have slip-resistant surfaces too. But it’s complex to install, which increases the cost. The appearance is not also necessarily contemporary, which may not go well with the style of your home. The absorbency of the pavers will also be a cause of worry as well as weeds and insects between the pavers.

best type of pool decking

Natural Timber:

Wood is the best type of pool decking. The material looks good and is available in lots of choices to suit every need. But a couple of things will occur: not maintained or treated, it will absorb the water and lead to splinters on bare feet. To avert either, natural timber needs regular refinishing and maintenance, which can turn out to be both expensive and inconvenient.

Spray-on Coatings:

For certain pool decks, it will make sense to use a spray-on coating to finish the surface. This material is often a textured mixed cement product, which protects against the heat on hot summers. However, this coating needs an underlying deck, increasing its cost. The coated deck’s look will be industrial and contemporary and might age fast.


This option of pool decking looks stunning, particularly if you have the same tile from the outside to the inside. However, do not be blinded by its appearance; for the pool, several issues are likely to take place. The material becomes slippery and can get hot during summer days in Salt Lake City. More unique choices can also become expensive. Tiles outdoors will need a maintenance program to ensure a long life as well.

best type of pool decking

Best Type of Pool Decking – Conclusion

The addition of a pool to your home is a significant investment, and you should make the best options. The best type of pool decking will transform your pool’s entire look, and selecting the best pool deck for you is important. To make your dream pool much more appealing, you can incorporate water features to the pool. If you want advice and more information about the best type of pool decking, contact Premier Pools & Spas of Salt Lake City today! We would be glad to answer and help you in getting your dream pool!

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