Summer is finally here and that means the water parks are going to be jam packed as tons of eager visitors make their way up winding staircases 3 inches a minute, while they eagerly await their chance to go on some of the coolest waterslides. During peak times you can expect to wait on lines as long as 90 minutes to get your turn on some of the most incredible waterslides in the world. With that said, some of them are truly worth the wait and here’s a collection of insane water attractions that we think you’re going to absolutely fall in love with. It’s a tall statement to be ranked on of the world’s best waterslides but each of these selections definitely makes the cut.

Top 10 Best Waterslides in The World

This is one of the best waterslides that didn’t get mentioned in the previous video, but is still one of our absolute favorites because of the trippy lighting effects.

Awesome Waterslide with LED Lights

If those death defying waterslides seem a bit too intense you can forego the craziness of fighting weekend traffic, paying upwards of $200 for tickets and parking for the family, and enjoy your own waterslide in your own backyard all summer long. Hint* charge your friends admission in the form of snacks and refreshments. If you’d like a free estimate from one of our professional Pool Builders on designing or remodeling your family pool to add a waterslide, jump rock feature, diving board or perhaps you’ve got something completely unique in mind, contact us and we’ll send a representative to your home to discuss customizing your backyard into your own private water park.

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