When you are spicing up your Boynton Beach home, you may be thinking about adding water features to your swimming pool. Adding water features is a great way to make your pool look new without having to do much updating to the structure of the pool. In this article, we are going to talk more about water features and how you can incorporate them into your pool.

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Water Features for Your Pool

Whether you’ve had your pool for a long time or you are getting a new pool put in, water features are a great way to add relaxing and fun elements to your environment. You can find water features for almost any budget and when you work with professionals that know the ins and outs of the industry, you can create something amazing with their knowledge and your desires.

water features

Swimming Pool Waterfalls

There are many different designs you can pair with your pool. If you need inspiration, you can look on websites like Pinterest or DIY blogs. Speaking with a professional that has seen different designs can help you get an idea of what is possible for your swimming pool. You can create waterfalls that are lighted, sheer rain waterfalls, waterfalls with custom designs, rock waterfalls, sheer descent with extended lips and more. These are a few great ideas, but there are almost endless combinations you can create.

Deck Jets & Gushers

Deck jets and gushers are considerably affordable when it comes to water features and they come in a wide variety. Gushers are also known as bubblers and produce small bubbling streams of water that shoot up out of the water. People often put them in shallow water on their tanning ledges. Deck jets make streaming arcs of water and have height and width adjustments.

Scuppers & Scones

Another two affordable options are scuppers and scones. Scuppers are holes in a wall that water pours down and into the pool to give off a soothing sound of water running. Decorative scones have the same water effect and water flow through them into the pool.

Spouts & Water Fountains

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Water fountains are another of the water features that give you an almost limitless amount of options. You can custom design these to give you a luxury effect on your pool. Spouts can be simple or you can make them more complicated. They do not take up much room but they give you a lot of visual effect and nice water sounds.

Water Features for Your Pool

As you are thinking about the different water features you are going to be able to use in your pool, you may be wondering which one you should pick. Think about how you are going to use the pool and what makes you feel happy and relaxed. Our pools are the places we go for refuge and enjoyment so while the features and specs are important, how you feel when you are looking at them is even more important.

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