How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

Getting a full breakdown of inground pool cost is difficult because every pool is different. Premier Pools & Spas has over 40 different locations across the United States. Each state, even each city has a different costing rate. The ballpark price a swimming pool will cost you is $35,000-$45,000, and this is just a base price. The more additional features and square footage you add to a swimming pool causes the price to go up.

Keep in mind, if you want an outdoor kitchen or decking, these are the types of things that will raise the price of your backyard oasis. Premier’s professional pool builders in Ormond Beach have to excavate a hole for your swimming pool, we need re-barb to frame your swimming pool, and we have lay down plumbing so that water will run to your swimming pool. On top of all that, we spray either gunite or shotcrete. This frames the outside of your swimming pool, and then additional features are added on.

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What is the difference between Concrete and Gunite Pools?

Trick question; there isn’t a difference between gunite and concrete pools because a gunite pool is a concrete pool. Gunite is essentially a concrete based mixture that forms the shell of a swimming pool. Gunite gets laid over the rebarb and plumbing of a swimming pool. You may have heard of a vinyl swimming pool, and this is a shell based swimming pool. In other words, with vinyl shells you don’t get to pick a uniquely shaped swimming pool. However with gunite, you are able to create a freeform swimming pool and you can design a pool as big and twisty as you wanted. The difference in inground pool cost between a gunite pool and a vinyl pool isn’t that big of a difference. The only difference is that you get to choose the outline and form of your swimming pool when you chose to build a freeform swimming pool.

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How many Additional Features Can You Have in a Pool?

Homeowners are allowed to have as many water features as they want in a swimming pool. As long as one’s budget allows for more additional features, one can have it. Additional features are features that turn your swimming pool into your own private oasis. An example of these are, waterfalls, spas, fire features, grottos, slides, bridges to islands, etc. If you have never seen the show Pool Kings, we highly recommend you check it out. Premier Pools & Spas is featured on ten episodes of season 7 on the DIY Network. Premier builds extravagant swimming pools and the show provides a prefect breakdown on how a swimming pool is built. You can find professional pool builders in Ormond Beach, Florida that can help you build your dream swimming pool.

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