For many homeowners in Phoenix, their swimming pool is not only the main attraction in their backyard, it is also probably the most essential part as well. Temperatures during the fall season in Phoenix (and the rest of Arizona) can still be hot enough to warrant cooling off in a backyard swimming pool.


The perfect complement to any backyard and any swimming pool, which you can add to your home, is a deck. A deck is one of the most useful additions that you can make to your home. It is not only a great place to relax in your backyard, it is also a great place to entertain guests and a smart way to beautify your backyard while adding functionality as well.

However, owning a deck in Phoenix means that you will inevitably have to keep it maintained if you want it to keep on looking beautiful. Over time, constant use of your deck will, without a doubt, cause wear and tear on its surface. In addition to this, not only can your deck can suffer wear and tear from being used over time, being exposed to the elements (sun, wind, and rain) can cause it to deteriorate as well.

This is where breathing life into your worn out Phoenix deck comes into play.

What You Need To Know About Reviving Your Phoenix Deck

After about a decade or so of constant use and the effects of the weather, any deck will have the telltale signs of serious wear and tear – especially if said deck isn’t being occasionally cared for. While algae isn’t usually a problem for decks in areas like Phoenix, leaf stains and mildew can still pose a threat to your deck.


Give Your Deck A Basic Cleaning

While refinishing your deck is the most obvious way to keep it looking great, this is not a procedure that homeowners are expected to carry out every few months. Instead, it is recommended that you give your deck a basic cleaning every few months (at least once a season).

This basic cleaning needs only to consist of soap, water, and a broom. Simply give your deck a soap and water broom washing every few months or so and you will be greatly increasing its longevity.

Give Your Deck The Serious Treatment

While you should give your deck a basic cleaning every few months or so, you also should be giving it a thorough looking after every two to four years at least.

When doing this all you need to do is give it a good washing and wetting first and then a good scrubbing afterwards. Then you will need to power rinse it with a pressure washer or even a regular garden hose so that the wood is sufficiently clean for the finish.


After the wood has dried sufficiently – three to four days should be more than enough in the usual Phoenix weather – then it is time to give the deck one final sweeping before finally applying the finish. It is always recommended that you stain the railings first before the rest of the deck.

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