As a proud owner of a brand new pool in your Vacaville home, you might be inclined to spend as much time as possible here. That includes night swimming too, especially after a long day at work. As much as it is a pleasurable experience in itself, it is particularly enjoyable in the hot summers. You can enhance this experience tenfold by lighting your pool with visually appealing solutions. Lights around the pool and under the water can bring joy and add fun to your new workout routine.

high quality pool features

Need for Lights

You might be thinking that your pool provides much joy in the hot summer days, but is there a need to use lighting? Yes, during the day, you might be needing lights at all since the hot sun takes care of brightening the space, but you need lights in the night.

Not only do lights brighten the dark areas around the pool, but they also provide a sense of safety as you don’t know what is lurking in the shadows. Needless to say, the pool surroundings might get slippery and lights allow you to walk freely in the dark.

Show Off Your Style

Lighting not only keeps you safe from snakes, critters, and wet spots, but it can also amplify the beauty of your backyard pool. Lighting your pool allows you to show off your style and create a very enjoyable recreational space. So, if you are thinking of hosting outdoor pool parties, or romantic evenings, install colorful lights by your pool.

Especially, if you have a free form pool that merges with your backyard, you might need to brighten up every corner so that not even a single element remains unseen.

Elevate Your Mood

In addition, kids enjoy the water and lights magical show in the evenings. Add a little music and you are good to go. If you are using your pool to cure anxiety, mood lighting can help when you relax by the hot spa or enjoy a cool dip in the summer nights.

You can also create a cozy romantic setting with beautiful wall sconces or fire bowls by the hidden water features. Just as fire and water make for a beautiful contrast, you can get creative with your lighting options from dark to brighten and enhance the whole backyard or just one part of it.

pool lighting

Pool Lighting Options

There are infinite possible options for lighting your pool. From outdoor lamps to string of lights, or tiki torches to pool globes, you can use anything to brighten up your pool. Even if your pool is not a new build, it is no reason to not try out new options. LED lights are your best bet for any kind of pool. They can be used underwater or above the pool.

But that is not to say that basic lamps would not work. You can install solar lamps too, among the plants in your backyard. Pool deck lighting and color changing lights are the most popular of these.

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