With the best pool and spa lighting, you can change the appearance and ambiance of your outdoor space. Today, you have many high-tech lighting systems that are simple and effective when it comes to brightening up any area.

Colored LED lights are undoubtedly the most popular option due to their energy efficiency, durability, brightness, and low maintenance. They can diffuse a range of colors over the pool surface to put on a lovely show.

Also, pool lighting extends the time you can spend by your pool after the dusk. If you’re looking to install a lighting system for your pool and spa, here are some ideas to make the most of your investment.

pool lighting options

Switch to LED Lighting

Availability in a wide range of colors and energy-efficient systems are the key highlights of the LED pool and spa lighting. It is the smartest way to illuminate your backyard oasis. You’ll not only save energy but also get a number of options to choose according to your pool design.

In fact, you can choose pool lighting colors on a whim by using a mobile app. The latest technology features of LED lights allow you to customize them and change the mood of your settings when you need it.

Create a Recreational Space

An appropriate pool and backyard lighting system keeps you safe from wet spots and critters during the night. But, that’s not all. It also enhances the beauty of your pool and spa to show off your lifestyle.

With bright and colorful LED lights, you can create vibrant recreational spaces for hosting your outdoor pool parties. Install multicolored lights that change color with the push of a button for added special effects.

Host a Light Show

Kids love the light show in the evening by the poolside. So, why not elevate their mood in your personal backyard with the best LED or fiber optic lighting systems? Fiber optic lighting helps you to turn on a pre-programmed light show that changes the pool surface into a dynamic visual.

You can plan a fireworks display or subtle changes in colors that look surreal. On the other hand, LED pool lights set inside the pool shell can also do the same magic in a different way. Though fiber optics are housed near the pool, they aren’t as bright as LED lights. Besides, when you add a little music to the mix, it is perfect to uplift your mood and melts away any stress of the day.

LED pool light

Illuminate the Landscape

When it comes to planning the lighting system for your outdoor living space, you should think beyond the pool and spa lighting. Outside the water, you have a vivid pool landscape that needs proper illumination for several reasons. It is important to create a safe area to enjoy near water and prevent a slip, fall, or trip near the pool. Lighting also enhances the pool landscape features like trees, patio, pathways, pool waterfalls, stairs, and deck.

These are some effective ways to brighten up your pool landscape with the right type of pool and spa lighting.

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