There are numerous kinds of waterfall options available. Among them, one of the most beautiful and exquisite one is sheer waterfall. Such waterfalls generate a clear water arc, projecting away from your pool wall. The great part is that you can adjust the waterfall flow and create a range of effects as per your preference as they work on their own pump.

Whether existing or new, adding this waterfall can be a great idea. Hence, know everything about sheer waterfall and why you must integrate into your poolscape design.

Sheer Waterfall

sheer waterfall

No matter what mood you want to create and what size of pool you have, sheer descent waterfall can set it correctly for you. From a silent, grass-like sheet to a hefty mountain waterfall, you can make variations as per your preference.

Such waterfalls are available in a range of lengths. They blend perfectly with all pool finishes. From sheer arc, sheer curtain, to sheer rain, and sheer descent, you can select among the varieties of waterfall designs.

Create Tropical Rain in Your Backyard

Sheer waterfalls offer varying streams of water. These water streams can be projected down to 45 degree angle, which create a unique sound and sight.

These waterfalls generate a rain like effect, mimicking the actual rainfall. The higher pressure and more water offered to the waterfall, the farther it will fall away from your pool’s fall. Hence, with these falls you can avail exactly rain like beauty in your pool without causing any damage to your pool’s property or finish.

Sheer Waterfall Features

Such waterfalls offer numerous rich features, which make them an excellent option for the swimming pools.

  • They offer adjustable water streams to create as much or as little rain you like.
  • They can be beautified with pool lightning to set the perfect mood.
  • They operate on their own pump and do not intervene with the operational mechanism of your swimming pool.
  • The minimum water needed for this product is 8 (eight) U.S. gallons per minute per foot.
  • There are various styles of sheer waterfalls available like Sheer Rain Arc, Sheer Curtain, Sheer Sheet, and more.

Existing, New, or Remodeled Pool


Timeless and elegant, sheer waterfall offer a clear curtain of water, which descends straight down from the unity and flawlessly into the water. These falls are perfect for swim-out and cantilever installation. It gives you the ideal, elegant effect to the backyard oasis.

Even, they give a sound effect that it is actually raining. You can get it designed in any shape and can be raised to any level or degree depending on the elevation you want.

You can order sheer waterfalls in any design, shape, and form. You just have to be specific about the length, dimensions, and color of the waterfall. The waterfalls are available in extended, standard, and super-size and in super radius of concave or convex. Also, they are available in bottom feed and back feed and can offer water stream length as desired.

If you really want to bring tropical rain in your backyard without investing too much money, consider installing sheer waterfall in your swimming pool.

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