One of the perfect ways to spend summertime is swimming in your own El Dorado Hills dream pool. However, enjoying your summer vacation in your own backyard oasis will also cost you some basic maintenance. Brushing your pool frequently is one of them.

Brushing Your Pool as Part of Your Pool Maintenance 1

It is important to do things such as cleaning the pool tiles, emptying the baskets and cleaning debris. One thing that usually gets overlooked when you are not using El Dorado Hills Pool Service expert is brushing the pool. This may appear like a difficult and pointless task brushing your pool; however, it needs to be done regularly. It will avert stains on your swimming pool and further improve your pool’s cleanliness.

Why Brushing your pool is important

Think your pool does not need brushing? You better think again. Brushing will clean the pool surfaces and prevent staining. Most of the newer pools feature an automatic system for cleaning, which prevents pool owners from brushing the swimming pool. However, these systems do not do the best brushing. By brushing the floor, steps, walls, floor and benches of your swimming pool, you’re providing it with a great scrub that decreases the amount of slime and algae forming in the pool. Brushing can prevent the staining of your pool surface as well.

Areas of a pool that don’t need brushing

Most of the surfaces of your pool need brushing. The exception can be your pool’s floor if you have the best automatic swimming pool cleaning system that features a tail. It will do some of the pool floor brushing for you. But you still have to brush your pool’s bottom of every couple of months in the event the automatic cleaner did not clean it effectively.

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How often should you brush the pool

Brushing your pool needs to be done at least once a week, but if possible twice every week. It just takes roughly ten minutes from start to end, so it is not a big task. However, it’s an essential one to remember to do. If you are skimming the pool twice every week, also take a couple of extra minutes to brush it.

How you can brush your swimming pool

Brushing your pool is an easy task if you choose to undertake it on your own. Remember if you hire the best El Dorado Hills Pool Service experts, they will take care of frequent pool brushing for you. A good choice can be a combination of nylon and stainless steel pool brush. You should attach the pool brush to your telepole and run it across the surfaces of the pool. This will include the benches, steps and wall of your pool. You should not use force while scrubbing; just a simple brushing along the surface of the pool will work great.

Brushing your pool

If brushing your pool is a tiring chore, or you are too busy for that, then you can contact us and book a service. We are here to help you maintain a clean pool. Let El Dorado Hills Pool Service professionals look after your swimming pool, hassle-free. You will be floating around sooner!

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