Designing the area surrounding your St. Louis pool is as important as planning the pool itself. This area, known as the pool deck, can have various materials. But concrete decking is the best option if you want an amazing pool area. The first thing is that concrete is a versatile material and can improve the aesthetics of your pool. Concrete is durable, long lasting, and is customizable. If you wish to know what benefits you gain with a concrete deck for your pool, read on below.

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Concrete Decking Fits Your Budget


This might not be applicable to you, but most people find it hard to stay within their budget. The costs rise with extra features they add after starting or for many other reasons. And then the costs go beyond the amount they originally allocated.

However, concrete is the most economical option. Buying the material is not only budget-friendly, but you also save on the transportation costs as you can locally source concrete. Plus, concrete pool deck installation is a simpler process, when compared to others. Even when you go for elaborate patterns or texturing on it, the costs almost the same. You can also save a lot of money on its maintenance as concrete is highly durable and doesn’t rot or rust.

Concrete Offers Easy Maintenance

Regular maintenance of the pool includes the pool surroundings too. Especially as dirt and grime stay put on the pool deck, there is a chance of those getting into the pool. Hence you need to keep the pool deck also clean and free of dirt. Otherwise, you not only damage the pool and your repair costs rise but neglecting this will make the pool unhygienic.

With concrete decking, the imposing task of cleaning and maintenance will be a breeze. Moreover, it is easy on your wallet. However, the color of the concrete deck tends to fade over the years. Therefore, you need to reseal it after every two or three years. But again, this upkeep too doesn’t break your bank and it is an easy process. Concrete is also a material that can withstand harsh weather, unlike, say, wood.

Concrete Provides Customizable Looks

When you think of concrete decking, you might visualize some boring grey area. But, you would be so wrong. Gone are those days when having a concrete deck meant that you have to settle for simple patterns. With concrete, you can achieve aesthetically pleasing finishes, textures, and looks.

One of the most likable patterns people choose for their concrete pool decks is the diamond pattern. Other than that, you can also try adding multiple colors, you can make the pool area vibrant. Or, run a coarse brush over the leveled concrete layer to create a brushed look. You can get a stained or natural stone finish for concrete pool decking, as per your wish.

The materials you are using to line the pool will significantly impact your Pool Cost Las Vegas. Concrete or gunite pools can cost much more than vinyl

Concrete Is Eco-friendly Material

You might not know this, but concrete is an environmentally conscious material. The primary component of concrete is limestone, which is available in plentiful amounts on the earth. Concrete has versatile applications and allows for recycling.

Concrete also has a low carbon footprint. Due to its sustainability advantages, it is the popular choice of material for the construction industry. It also does not produce toxic runoff.