An organic pool is easy to build than a traditional pool as you don’t need any masonry or chemical equipment to clean the water. However, it’s better to consult a professional to create the design of your pool. Constructing a pool yourself isn’t a do-it-yourself kind of project, but a swimming pool builder will let you design the pool of your dreams with them. Given below are some easy steps you can follow so you know what to expect when the pool builder of your choice builds your backyard oasis for you.

Pool on Pilings

Choose a location

 Do some earthwork for soil stabilization

  • Use a mini excavator to dig at different depths. The depth of the bath area should be around 2 meters. For the lagoon, the depth should be 1.2 meters so it can accommodate the plants.
  • Erect a small wall to separate the basins

Install the waterproofing membrane

  • Install the membrane to make the sides and bottom of your organic pool. Use gravel or volcanic rocks to cover the pond bottom.

Fill the pool

  • Use water from a well to fill the pool. Rainwater is also good.

Small pools

Opt for and plant the lagoon

  • Based on your region, opt for the right type of plants to purify and oxygenate the pool water. These plants use the organic matter found in the water for filtration.
  • For purification, you can use Alisma, water hyacinth, phragmites, Caltha palustris, and aquatic mint, to name a few.
  • For oxygenation, some good options are hippuris, Elodie, water crassette, potamot, and aquatic buttercup.
  • For decoration purposes, you can choose water lilies, lotus, and papyrus.

Install a circulation pump

The circulation pump will be installed in the deepest spot of the basin. This pump favors the exchange of water between the basins to prevent the water stagnation.

Once everything is step up, you need to wait for another 3 to 4 months to allow the plants to grow and establish the biological equilibrium.

You can build an organic concrete pool as well. In this case, you will follow the same methods used to build a classic swimming pool. However, the filtration system will be natural i.e. plants will filter the water just like an organic pool.

celebrity pools

Call a professional to build an organic pool

You must have a solid plan in place to create water circuit and install the pump. Aside from this, gardening is also an important step in the process of construction. Make sure you opt for the plants carefully and then use the right way to dispose of them. This is important if you want to enjoy all the benefits.

If you have never built an organic pool before, we suggest that you hire the services of a specialist. Although the construction is not that hard, the maintenance of the pool may seem complex in the beginning. So, hiring the services of a good pro is a great idea to make the job easier.

Call Premier Pools & Spas!

If you need help building an organic swimming pool, you can give a call to Premier Pools & Spas.

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