If done properly, a perimeter vanishing edge pool can easily create a dramatic illusion. However, if the designing is not done properly, the wall of the pool will be obvious. Actually, the lower pole should be strong enough to hold the water. Basically, in case of a vanishing edge pool, it looks like as if the water disappears into thin air. Let’s find out how you can build a perimeter vanishing edge pool.

How to build a perimeter vanishing edge 1

Step #1: The Weir

The weir is like the backbone of this type of swimming pool. Therefore the wall should be up to 50 feet long and should be strong enough to withstand the water pressure of the pole.

Typically, the wall should be at least 1 foot thick. Keep in mind that if the weir is constructed improperly, cracks may happen with the passage of time. This type of pool is more prone to different construction problems.

Step #2: Height

If you want to construct higher walls, make sure to increase the wall thickness. This is important if you want your pool to withstand the pressure of the water. Thicker walls can bear more pressure.

Step #3: Material

As for as the selection of material goes, you may want to you consider your environment. Traditional materials include gunite, shotcrete, and mortar. At times, you can apply this material in layers.

If you want to use cement, make sure you pour it properly. Also, for better support, you can use steel rebar in your weir.

Step #4: Level

The weir top should be at least three inches less compared to the surrounding elevation. The idea is that the wall will provide coverage for it, which will create a natural perimeter vanishing edge.

How to build a perimeter vanishing edge 2

Step #5: Pumps

It is much better to buy a small pump as it will save you a lot of energy. Based on the size of your pool, you may want to to buy the right type of pool pump.

Step #6: Options

You can change a lot of things to achieve the desired effect. It may not be easy for you to create your own vanishing edge pool. However, if you have the knowledge, it will be easier for you to have your own infinity-edge pool.

We suggest that you contact a good swimming pool builder to have your own infinity-edge pool built in your own backyard.

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