Having a small backyard is no reason for not getting a pool for your Gulf Coast home. You can fit in a small pool or “spool” in your backyard and enjoy your own tiny paradise. However narrow or irregular shaped your backyard is, there are many ways to incorporate a pool in it.

Why Do You Need a Small Backyard Pool?

You might be previously of the opinion that having a pool at your home requires constant high maintenance. Or, maybe you are in a dilemma about whether to choose a spa or a pool for your limited area. But, size is only a relative term when it comes to pools, and they require very little maintenance.

A small pool gives you the privacy you carve and gives you a warm and cozy environment. Moreover, you can build a pool with the existing space in mind. It smoothly blends into your surroundings and adds beauty to your backyard.

Benefits of a Small Pool

Your pool brings life to dull surroundings and gives you an escape spot for recreation or family fun time. If the size of the pool is smaller than a lavish outdoor space, it feels more intimate.

Also, a small pool can be made so that you can use it all year-round. For this reason, you can use a screen or the right fence. With an enclosure, you can also transform the pool space into a spa.

How to Build a Pool in Your Small Backyard?

There are plenty of ways to add a pool to your backyard. Consider building a small swimming pool if you want to add a water feature. This serves both purposes, like a pool and an accent feature when not in use. Below are some designs ideas for how to add the right sized pool for your Gulf Coast backyard.

building spools

Modern Small Swimming Pool

Build a sleek and modern pool in the classic rectangular design. Illuminating the pool will make it appealing for a relaxing midnight swim. You can connect it to the patio or deck to give a smooth transition from your home.

Natural and Curved Pool

Semi-circular and freeform pools are all the rage these days. Such a pool looks natural and blends into your backyard, rather than being a separate entity on its own. By incorporating tropical or desert plants, you can set a cozy ambiance. Use gravel stone, clay or other natural materials and make it functional and environmentally friendly.

best pool shape

Plunge Pool

This pool doesn’t rely on width, but rather focuses on depth. So, however narrow you think your space is, you can to your backyard mystique with a plunge pool. Fiberglass plunge pool with a heating system allows you to enjoy a swim even in winter.

Customized Pool

A quaint water fountain or fire feature can make your pool unique. You could have other ideas about adding a pool to your small backyard and increase the value of your home. Hire a pool builder to find out how a customized pool can beautify your backyard further.

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