As the winter comes close, it’s time to cover New Orleans swimming pools and look forward to the summer season. Now, imagine if you can use your pool even in the chilling weather as well. In fact, there are ways to build and use an all-weather pool in your New Orleans home. You should keep in mind some design considerations. Here, they are:

Pool Heaters in Redding

Install an All-Weather Pool Heater

If you decide to continue using your pool even in the cold weather, you should install a pool heater. It allows you to swim at least for 9-10 months in the year. When selecting the pool heater, make sure that it works in cold conditions.

Some pool heater pumps are not designed to function below 50 degrees. So, you should find the ones that can work below 20 degrees as well. These are hot gas defrost pumps or ice breakers that will keep your pool water warm throughout the year. You can use them in the pool or the hot tub.

Run the Heater for Extended Hours

When it’s freezing outside, the pipes and hoses could also freeze. You don’t just need a warm temperature for your swims but also need to protect pipes from excessive damages caused by freezing. So, make sure that the pool heaters run at all times in your all-weather pool. Also, get a backup source of power to maintain the incessant run of the heaters.



pool maintenance

Maintain the Water Balance

Depending on the temperatures, you need to maintain a proper balance in pool water chemicals. You can add a winterizing product that will keep the pool free from algae when it’s not in use. Also, run the pool pump for 10-12 hours to spreads the algaecide to all corners of the pool. To prepare for winter rainfall, switch off the skimmer valve and reduce the water level by 3-4 inches. It will prevent the overflowing of the pool water.

Build an Indoor Pool

If you haven’t thought of this idea, it’s time you do. While outdoor pools are great to enjoy the sunshine, you can invest in an indoor pool to avoid the weather. Even when it’s raining outside, you can make a splash in your indoor pool. Above all, an indoor pool is much easier to maintain and clean. So, consider this option if you have space to build these New Orleans swimming pools.

Prepare the Deck

Apart from the pool, you must prepare your deck as well. This is necessary to enjoy the perks of your pool in the cold winter months. The pool deck should be designed to ensure easy shoveling of the snow. The ambient pool heat will keep the edges free from snow. But, the deck needs constant shoveling to allow movement. So, invest in a material like concrete that’s easy to clean and durable to withstand the icy weather.

Build a Hot Spa

If you enjoy taking a cool plunge and warm in a hot tub spa, build a pool spa in your backyard. It lets you enjoy the best of both the worlds. Imagine a hot spa on a cold winter day after taking a dip in icy cool water.

These are some ways to build an all-weather pool in New Orleans. Consult with the local Orleans swimming pools builders for more information.

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