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Congrats on your new home!

So, you are constructing a new home? Do you think it is good to own a new pool in your backyard, as well? Below are the benefits of having your pool installed while your home is being constructed.


Reduced financing costs

Usually, the cost of financing your new swimming pool in the first home loan is far less complicated compared to financing home improvement. Furthermore, you will have the ability to pay for a long period, compared to shorter terms. This can let your loved ones to experience the swimming pool and backyard of your dreams at reasonable rates.

Save your landscaping

Your home is considered a building site at the time it is being constructed. Machinery and building trucks move in and out on a daily basis. It is the same when you are having an inground pool installed, but on a smaller scope. Your yard will get excavated and your shrubs and plants may take a beating based on where they are in nearness to your swimming pool.

Protect your sidewalks and driveways

What you would not want to do is risk your new driveway and cause it to crack under the weight of a cement truck delivering cement for your swimming pool deck or a crane putting a fiberglass swimming pool in the hole. If you want to avoid this, schedule your swimming pool to be installed before the sidewalk and driveway are poured, or you can direct builders to avoid driving heavy machinery over the concrete floor.


Save on plumbing and electrician costs

There is a reason the electricians are hired to run electrical wiring during the framing process of the house. When there are no ceilings or drywall to cope with makes their work simpler. The same applies to the exterior, in case the electrician is aware a swimming pool will be installed he might take measures to ensure that when it is time to attach the swimming pool equipment all the pieces are in order. The plumber will also be watchful when installing the needed hardware to make sure that the home is swimming pool-ready.

Have fun instantly

The best reason to install a swimming pool during the construction of your home is to know that once you move into your new residence, your new swimming pool will be there all set and waiting for you to have fun! It does not get any more thrilling than that, for you and your loved ones!

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Peaceful building projects

When we are building your new home, we will finish most of the installation of the swimming pool as the building of your home moves along. Meaning, you will avoid the dust and dirt of this big building project. Brush aside damaging costly landscape since the major building will be performed in advance. The moment you move into your new house, you will also jump into your new swimming pool.


Based on your project’s complexity, you will save between four and twelve weeks, which may be spent unwinding around your new swimming pool.

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Building a new home? Build a pool at the same time!

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