There are many things to consider when building a gunite pool on your Gulf Coast property. Do you have enough room? Can your pipes handle the necessary plumbing? Are you constructing over your septic tank? Do you live in an area that permits an inground pool?

To design a gunite inground pool that is best for your home, it is essential to work with an experienced Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast pool designer. Our designers walk you through the process of building gunite pool from excavation to material selection to color and flora. Let’s get started.

Building Gunite Pool

Layout and excavation

The first step of the building process is excavation. Our pool designers will help design the pool’s shape to ensure the right elevations and dimensions. Then, the physical digging and trenching will start. Our experienced team will complete the excavation since this is an important part of building gunite pool. This stage calls for professionalism and precision.

Plumbing, steel, electrical and inspections

Installation of pipes will start and extend to the mechanical equipment section. This consists of lines for the water features, skimmers, the main drain and any other mechanical lines that might be a part of your contract. Our high-quality rebar will ensure there exists no structural problems with your gorgeous new gunite pool.

Building Gunite Pool


This is a significant part of the process of building gunite pool, and it’s definitely the noisiest and dirtiest. During this stage, the floor, stairs, and walls come to life. Starting the next morning, we wet down the gunite shell twice a day for 10 days. This is to help speed up the curing (drying) process.

Tile and coping

This phase can be a little complicated because it’s the slowest part. If there is a water features like a grotto, waterfall, or a raised beam, this will occur at this point as well. Any retaining walls will be part of this phase as well.

Deck layout

Our professional pool designers will first do the decking layout to let you know where the gunite is going to be poured. Forming will be needed for the deck phase. For extra strength, rebar is once more added. Depending on your decking choice (travertine, sundeck, exposed aggregate, stone, stamped or pavers, plain, etc.), the gunite should be poured into location first.

Pool equipment

The installation of mechanical parts includes the cleaner, pumps, filter system, wireless components, time clock, or heater takes place.

Interior finish and filling the swimming pool

This is the last phase of the process of building gunite pool. We apply the plaster and leave the new gunite pool filling with your water supply.

Building Gunite Pool


Once your new gunite inground pool has reached the right water level, Premier Pools& Spas of Gulf Coast professionals will come back to start your filter equipment. We’ll ensure that all important parts are working properly.

When everything is working well, we will provide you with complete guidelines about how to run the mechanical system and maintain the water chemistry of your pool. The time has come for you to to take the first plunge! Feel free to call us today and get started with building a gunite pool.

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