Building the perfect inground pool in the Hamptons should be highly regarded as it’s a permanent installation. This means that if you made some wrong choices on where to install the pool, then you might have a difficult time making the needed corrective measures. This will affect you for a long time to come! To ensure that you make the correct decision, there are a few things to think about when installing your own custom inground swimming pool right at your home in the Hamptons.

perfect inground pool

Before building the perfect inground pool, you should check local and state regulations on pools. In some states, you’ll find stern laws and regulations on the building of pools, particularly in residential places. In areas without regulations, you might need a building permit for new structures.

Here’s what to consider for the perfect inground pool:

1. Check with zoning:

Like a home improvement project, your custom inground pool should be compliant with the local construction and zoning regulations. To make sure building goes without a hitch and the pool is safe, you should apply for a construction permit and secure approval. Construction permits will consider setback distances from the sewer lines, home, wetlands, wells, and other factors.

2. Compare prices:

Keep in mind that so many things will determine the price of a pool you choose. Pool prices increase due to the many different features available. Inground pools are usually about $ 30,000 to & 50,000, but this will depend on many factors.

perfect inground pool

3. Choosing the model:

Take your time to look at the different kinds of swimming pools. There are various kinds of above inground pools and also above ground pools. Inground pools can be built with a variety of materials which include concrete, vinyl-lined, and fiberglass. You can also find a range of choices for cleaning and filtering systems. It is best to do some research to ensure you get the kind of inground swimming pool to suit your needs.

4. Site to install your pool:

Install your pool in a strategic area, so it can be ideal for you and your loved ones. Installing the pool where there is immediate sunshine, but also where the wind will hit it always. Avoid flooding areas when it comes to pool installation. Positioning is everything; you will generally want your perfect inground pool in an area that will give you a stunning view. You also want the pool in a spot where later on you might construct a pool house.

5. The circulation system:

Pool water circulation is important to always keep it healthy, crystal clear and clean. A normal circulation system features a sanitation system, filter, pump, and heater. In the circulation process, water gets drawn from the drains via a skimmer, passing through the filter and lastly treated by the sanitation and heater system. The main filter choices are cartridge, DE and sand.

perfect inground pool

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When it comes to building the perfect inground pool, Premier Pools & Spas of the Hamptons is your best option. Contact us to get started!

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