These days, it seems a custom spa is a must-have addition to any luxury pool. Installing raised spas will create a backyard paradise where homeowners in Redding can enjoy. Pool owners can splash around and swim laps with the children in the backyard oasis, and then take a soothing dip in the spa to relax. Our pool experts can integrate spas with a pool in a range of ways.

raised spas

Pool with raised spas

Pool owners should consider adding raised spas that will stand out superbly and offer the many benefits that come with these stunning additions. Most of these designs have it in which the pool water is overflowing from the spa. They are referred to as raised perimeter-overflow spas.

Family fun

Adding a spa will offer fun for both the old and young, everybody from kids to grandparents will be able to enjoy the gentle therapy and bubbles. It will create the perfect environment to bring friends and family together to unwind and have a great time.

You will also end up being very popular as well since your friends queue up to have a fun swim while sharing a drink in your spa!


Get into a bubbling, steamy, raised spa for your everyday dose of rejuvenation and of calm. Not only will spas gently relieve those pains and aches we all get occasionally, but it also helps in easing the stresses of day-to-day life. This will promote relaxation, circulation, and detoxification resulting in better sleep. Furthermore, hydrotherapy has a range of benefits for people who have arthritis, injuries or muscle sprains and might relieve specific symptoms of diabetes.

raised spas

Relieves stress

If you have ever had a body, back and neck massage, or even simply a long dip in a hot bath, you understand how tranquil it helps make you feel.

The hot water of raised spas will calm you and improve circulation. This will result in the production of endorphins (the feel-good hormones in the body). In addition, the massage impact of the hydro-therapy jets eases muscle stress in six parts of the body: feet, lower back, shoulder, thighs, mid-back, and neck.


Most homeowners in Redding spend a lot of time outdoors. Raised spas allow you to enjoy the cool evenings when a pool isn’t as economical to operate, or inviting. Spas offer an affordable and ideal getaway that can revitalize and refresh.

Your raised spas dream becomes a reality!

There are lots of benefits of adding raised spas to make your backyard pool look unique. This will allow it to fit your personality and let you get the function you want. There are many things we can assist you to do today to be sure you get a raised spa of your dreams in your own Redding backyard space.

raised spas

Raised Spas – Conclusion

If you thought you it was impossible to add a spa to your pool, you now have a better idea! Raised spas can be stunning additions to your Redding backyard pool. Soon after you have that inviting, warm, spa in place, you will wonder why you waited such a long time. Do you have questions about your project? Do not hesitate to contact Premier Pools & Spas of Redding today!

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