When you say that someone is burning calories in the pool, you immediately think of endless laps for hours together. But in fact, you can do a great number of muscle-building exercises without even having to swim in your Inland Empire pool. Since the water carries your weight when you are in the pool, there will be no extra pressure on your joints. This lets you get more creative with pool exercises in Inland Empire using just your pool noodle. It’s true; see for yourself the variety of fun activities you can do to burn those pesky calories.

Noodle Press Down

arm workouts

Take the pool noodle and hold it in front of you. The next step is to push it down until it can touch your legs. Then release it back up and repeat. While pushing down, try hard to engage your shoulders to strengthen them.

If you feel that the resistance noodle offers is less, then shift to water weights. Or, increase the resistance with a kettlebell. This is a great exercise for arms and shoulders.

Noodle Crunch

The next on this list of pool exercises in Inland Empire is the noodle crunch. This works your arms and strengthens the core. Hold the noodle firmly under your shoulders, with your arms taking support on it.

Now start with your legs straight to perform a crunch, pulling in your abs. Similar to how you do the crunches on land, your core gets stronger laterally. In addition, being in the pool lets your ab muscles work in two more dimensions and they stabilize over time vertically and horizontally.

Noodle Flyback

If you thought that only breaststroke can work your upper chest and back, wait till you try this. This is a great routine to improve posture and to strengthen the arms, upper chest, and back. Start by positioning yourself on the pool noodle, similar to how you sit on a bicycle. This will be the lunge stance where you bend your right knee and extend your left knee behind you.

Stretch your arms in front of you, keep your palms touching and thumbs pointing up. Open your arms and sweep them out to your sides and bring them back. This counts as one rep. You can add bicycle kicks to work your legs too.

Noodle Plank

Of all the fun pool exercises in Inland Empire, you can try, we promise this one will be the best. Doing planks on the stable ground is hard, but you can’t neglect the benefits your abs have with this isometric exercise. So, take the help of your pool noodle to maintain the plank position in the water.

Hold a noodle in the water in front of you and keep pushing it down until your body reaches a plank position. Make sure your arms, shoulders, and toes are in a straight line. Hold this position for 30 seconds initially, which you can increase with practice.

Noodle Knee Tuck

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So, now you have even surpassed the noodle plank position. Then it is time for you to take on a more progressive exercise. The starting position is the noodle plank; then start bringing your knees towards your chest. Immediately, kick your legs back out and go to the start position.

While tucking your knees in and going out, the water provides resistance in both ways. Hence, it will be your complete pool exercises in Inland Empire.

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