When the pool season comes, it’s time to think about pool liner repair and replacement as well. It is an important task for pool maintenance. Generally, inground pool liners last longer than above-ground pool liners. Yet, they need repairs when you detect any damage or leakage in the surface. Here’s all that you need to know before repair or replacement of pool liner:

the Hamptons pool buildersLeakage in Pool Liner


Sometimes, there may be leaks in the vinyl pool but it’s hard to detect its whereabouts. Finding a tiny hole in the pool liner is nothing short of finding a needle in a haystack. However, you can recognize some signs that identify a potential leak. When the water stabilizes at certain level, see if there are small patches of debris stuck in the liner.

Also, you can use the dye test on the suspect areas to see if there are any leaks in the liner. Use colored dye in the steps, lights, skimmers, and other suspect areas. The leakage should be patched up immediately to prevent further damage. You can enlist the pool professionals to check the leakage and fix it before it becomes disastrous.

Faded Liners

Due to the sun, pool liners may fade at the waterline and the top steps. Fading can also take place due to chlorine that bleaches the liner in localize areas. For faded liners, there are no paints or dyes that work. But, you can use adhesive design strips on the waterline border to brighten up the faded liner. Talk to your pool builder to check out the options available for pool liner repair in this case.

Torn or Ripped Liners

There are vinyl liner patch kits that can help in patching up small tears or rips on your pool liner. However, if you have larger tears, you need expertise to deal with them. Also, if the tears happen to be in corners or near the cuts, it becomes difficult to patch them up. In all these cases, you can entrust the job to the professionals. The old liners have more chances of rips and tears that are not only unsightly but also brittle. You need to replace such liners to prevent heavier damages over time.

Stained Liners

During the spring season, the pool liners may get odd colors or stains on them. There are methods like shocking the pool and balancing the chemicals to remove these stains. But, if the stains are too stubborn, you need specialized treatments using stain removal chemicals. For such treatments, you should have the right equipment and protective gear to prevent injuries. It is better to let the experts handle this chore for cleaning your pool liner.

Wrinkled Liner

Gunite Material

Many pool liners develop a few wrinkles over time. They result from miscalculations and improper alignment during installation. Also, wrinkles happen due to corrosive water or erosion under the liner. They are unsightly to look at and create a weak spot in the liner. The wrinkled parts can be easily snagged by cleaning tools and equipment. They also trap dirt and cause algae growth if not noticed.

You should arrange for immediate pool liner repair if any of these symptoms occur in your swimming pool.