People are becoming more conscious about the environment these days. If you are one of them, then get yourself an eco-friendly backyard. Plus, you don’t need some elaborate steps to make this happen. But, you can do this by adding a few natural elements. A natural pool and proper maintenance of your landscaping save the environment. Simultaneously, you can enjoy an enticing green space while chilling by the pool.

Use Native Plants and Grass in the Design

Can My Portland Backyard Be Eco-friendly? 1

Use local plants to make your backyard an inviting place for local wildlife. Since these are already used to your local climate and rainfall, they grow easily. Moreover, these resist local pests without using pesticides. They also need low or minimal maintenance.  Furthermore, you can make use of pebbles and gravel for walkways. One important thing about gravel is that it improves the drainage of the soil.

Likewise, choose native grass for your backyard design.  Rather than mowing it very short, leave it high and dry. Instead of getting rid of the grass clippings, leave them in. Since they are rich in nitrogen and retain water, your lawn will stay healthy. Or, you can compost these clippings and strengthen other plants with it. Moreover, using mulch regulates the soil temperature in your backyard.

Save Water and Start Composting

Conserve water and reuse it to water your plants. Collect stormwater runoff using rain barrels and improve your water footprint. In addition, forgo grass lawns to reduce water usage. Instead of lawns, use ground cover to beautify your backyard. Clover lawns are also more attractive and colorful. Besides, they also need minimal mowing.

Furthermore, make your own nutritious compost to fertilize your plants using chemical-free products. For this, use a compost bin to add wastes like eggshells, and wood shavings. Anything from vegetable scraps and tea bags to fallen leaves can make great compost. With proper composting techniques, you can make an eco-friendly backyard in no time.

Say No to Harmful Chemicals

Most lawn maintenance products are full of harmful chemicals. Pesticides and weed killers, on excessive use, remove nutrients from the soil. These do more than the good if they are near your drinking water supply. Instead of these, use natural ways to maintain your pool and backyard.

One good holistic alternative is to use organic fertilizers. Rather than using store-bought products, compost household wastes to fertilize your soil. Also, use natural insecticidal soaps and oils for mites and remove the weeds manually. Likewise, you may raise chickens to efficiently fertilize your lawn.

Pay Attention to the Landscaping


Although there are plenty of landscaping designs, choose one that saves the environment. For instance, your site might have very steep slopes. In such a case, it will be difficult to maintain and mow it. Hence, opt for terrace slope, which prevents erosion and wastage of stormwater runoff. For one thing, it creates flat areas by leveling the slope, making it perfect for gardens.

Use flood-resistant, local plants for an inexpensive and eco-friendly backyard. Similarly, you can use ground cover in place of grass lawns. They not only provide a soft and cushiony surface to walk on, but they are also great habitats for bees. Additionally, rain gardens near your Portland pool capture stormwater and filter it.

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