Your swimming pool Phoenix is susceptible to stains caused by corrosion, organic debris, minerals. These stains not only look unsightly but can also damage your pool. If not treated in time, they can ruin swimming experiences as well. So, you ought to find the source of stains and treat them properly to get rid of them. Here are the methods that you can follow:

modern swimming pool designsHow to Remove Metal Stains?


When metals like iron or copper come into contact with your pool, they leave reddish-brown stains in it. Iron leaves behind brown or rusty-red stains while copper creates turquoise or teal colored stains in the pool. Removing these stains can get tricky as most of the chemicals don’t even leave a dent on them. You need stronger chemicals like ascorbic acid to remove iron stains.

For copper stains, you can use citric acid. You can also use a metal reducer for deactivating the excess metals. Add a half pound of the right chemical to 10000 gallons of water for treating the stains. For tough stains, sprinkle the acids directly and scrub them clean. After this process, run the pool filter for at least one hour to remove the traces of metal from the pool.

How to Remove Rust Stains?

You will find irritating rust stains in the isolated parts of your swimming pool Phoenix. Rust stains are mostly caused by metal objects that get into your pool. If you have a concrete pool, rust stains may be caused by rebar tie wire that’s close to the pool wall. When there are cracks in the pool wall, they allow water seeping into the rebar metal. This results in rust stains. In the vinyl pool, galvanized steel walls have similar effects. To remove the rust stains, you need dry acid filled in a sock. You should keep this sock pressed tightly to the stain until it fades. If the stains persist, it is advisable to get in touch with pool service specialists in your area.

How to Remove Waterline Stains?

When dirt and oils combined with particulate matters, they cause staining near the waterline of the pool. During winterization, your pool may have a lower level of water causing concentric watermarks on the pool walls. To remove these stains, your pool needs an enzyme treatment. You can brush the watermarks using granular chlorine and a pool stain eraser or brush.

Pool Cleaning Service

How to Remove Mineral Stains?

The chalky white deposits above the pool waterline are the mineral stains. They can deposit over any part of your swimming pool Phoenix. When you have excess calcium in your pool water, there are higher chances of mineral stains. Vinegar mixed with water is the right solution to get rid of them. You can scrub this solution on the stains. If you find it difficult to deal with these stains, get help from the experts.

How to Remove Organic Stains?

You will typically find organic stains at the bottom of your swimming pool. Mud, worms, algae, and acorns cause these greenish-brown stains in the pool. Thankfully, they are easy to remove with shock treatment.

Using these effective methods, you can get rid of stains in your swimming pool Phoenix.

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