A backyard is a wonderful addition to your Temecula home. You can create a lovely home garden that can be either eatable or decorative, as a guest entertainment venue, depending on your preferences. Also, you can create a Temecula backyard that fulfills all of these requirements while still being environmentally friendly. The work required to set up the garden will most likely need mainly machinery and, therefore, mainly carbon, while the maintenance itself needs to be natural.

Temecula backyard

Here are some eco-friendly backyard ideas you can consider for your Temecula backyard.

Compost bins:

Composite bins are one of the most widely used choices to bring something environmentally friendly into your Temecula backyard. This is an economical way to dispose of your kitchen waste like food (apart from fish and meat). The method breaks them down to make compost. This will help to minimize the food wastage going into the dump. It also provides your garden with a lot of microorganisms and nutrients it requires to thrive.

A seating area:

This is the central part of the outdoor space if you’re planning to use it for unwinding in the shade after a tiring day and for backyard parties. You should use carports to cover the space you plan to use, and to shield it from the rains during the autumn and the unforgiving sun during the summer in Temecula.

The seating arrangement you select should be created with the environment in mind. It’s important to ask around about the kind of wood meant for patio furniture. You can find recycled yet modern-looking and comfortable furniture.

Temecula backyard

Rainwater harvesting:

This is one of the easiest you can use to make your Temecula backyard eco-friendly. You can use the harvested rainwater to water vegetable gardens, flowers, and plants. This will reduce the quantity of backyard water use. Whether you decide on using rain chains, cisterns, or barrels, you’ll be significantly enhancing your water footprint by using a system for harvesting rainwater.


With the proper shading for your outdoor space shading, it’s possible to reduce heat in your house. It will also reduce cooling costs in the summer season. Planting deciduous vines or trees for shading is not only economical, but it is also an appealing eco-friendly Temecula backyard feature you can enjoy year-round.

Ensure your pool is well maintained:

Backyard swimming pools are hardly a commodity any longer. Pools have become as popular as front door porches. This is totally reasonable given that the cost of pools is quite affordable. It also means that the loss of water and cost of energy because of bad pool maintenance have become an issue.

Cracks on the pool’s floor and walls can result in ground erosion, water discharge and other issues with devastating effects. Remember to cover the pool walls with necessary protective pool paint prior to filling it up to the top with water. You should also get a dedicated cover that will ensure the wildlife does not fall in and pool water does not evaporate.

Temecula backyard

Ready for a Stunning Temecula Backyard?

We hope this will inspire you to create your own eco-friendly Temecula backyard. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to contact Premier Pools & Spas of Temecula today.

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