Cat In the Swimming Pool

It can be really nice to go for a swim on those hot summer days, having friends and family over. We must always watch for unsupervised children and even animals. Now your cat may not voluntarily jump into the pool but say they were being chased, they could not see where they’re running, especially at night. Cats are generally good swimmers but when the pool has a ledge they may not always be able to get up. Here are some tips Premier Pools is providing for a fun safe summer.

  • Heat exhaustion is the biggest one to affect animals. You should watch for heat stroke warnings in your animals which are dullness, weakness, recumbency (lying down), excessive drooling (foaming at the mouth) and difficulty breathing (dyspnea).
  • To avoid infection you should carefully clean your pets ears after they swim or you bathe them.
  • Getting a ramp installed for your pet is another thing to consider, especially if their legs are short and can’t get out of the pool by themselves.
  • If your dog or cat has never swam before you shouldn’t assume they are just going to swim to safety and you shouldn’t throw your pet into the pool or pond. Consider cats generally don’t even appreciate being soaked with water.
  •  Lastly, don’t allow your pet to drink the pool water. The chlorine and various chemicals aren’t good for them.

If you are an owner with pool covers you’ll have to be extra careful of your animals going into the pool especially if the cover is on the pool. Your pets can accidently fall into the pool and potentially get trapped under the cover. A sturdy pool cover can be purchased with the feature with being able to withstand the support of a person.

With the consideration of these tips Premier Pools wishes you a safe and fun summer!