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Chattanooga: Pool Designs for Your New Inground Pool

Being in Chattanooga during the Spring means many people are thinking about pool designs and putting together a new inground pool. It’s time to break out of the winter thoughts and get ready for a beautiful pool. In this article, we are going to talk about pool designs and getting the pool of your dreams. pool designs

Pool Designs & What You Need to Think About

Spring is a great time for new projects and many people already have their plans underway. There are permits to be filed, plans to be made, schedules to figure out and so it begins. When you are thinking about pool designs, it is going to take some time and if you want something that is custom, it is going to take longer than if you were to get a pool that is “out of the box”. If you’ve already started the process during the winter, you will be nearing time for your pool to be finished. Even if you waited until Spring to get started with your pool building, there is still plenty of time to get started so you can use your pool during this open season. pool designs Most people don’t only get pool designs but there are also patios, sundecks, diving rocks, poolside dining areas and more to be designed. Making sure everything fits together perfect is important or otherwise, you will have spent a lot of money and still not get what you want. This is another reason it is important that you work with professionals that know how to help you make your creation come to life. Knowing what functions you need the pool to perform and the budget you have is going to be necessary. Do you plan on inviting a lot of guests over? Do you need a backyard that is going to be kid-friendly? Do you want it to exude luxury or is it more of a fun spot? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you pool builder help you.
pool designs
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Pool Designs – Don’t Forget the Landscape

When people are thinking about their pool designs, many times they do not think about the landscaping. Inground swimming pool landscaping must be done with precision to create the look that you want. Your land makeup has a lot to do with what can be done in your backyard. If you have a yard that is close to neighbors or if you live on a busy street, you are going to need something to help with your privacy needs. You also want to make sure you keep wildlife out if you have a lot of it around you. Whether you are going to have a large pool or are considering small pool designs, you need to pay attention to the details. We understand how to work with you and give you the best experience and the best end result. Make sure to give us a call and let us help you with the entire process from start to finish.

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Atlanta: Pool Cleaning for Spring

When you are thinking about opening your Atlanta pool for pool cleaning in the Spring, you might be excited and wondering what you should do to get your pool sparkling and clean. Cleaning your pool might seem like a real chore, but once you get it finished, there is a lot of fun times to be enjoyed. In this article, we are going to talk about getting your pool ready for springtime.
Pool cleaning
image source: Angel Saavedra and Joshua Caslill, both lifeguards, clean around the pool deck

Pool Cleaning You Need to Know About

As the temperature starts to rise, homeowners are either opening their pools or they are thinking about getting a new pool installed in their backyard. Having a pool is a great way to enjoy hours of fun in the sun. When you have a pool, there are responsibilities and things you need to remember such as pool cleaning. Pool Cleaning Checklist for Spring
  • Drain water off of your pool cover
  • Remove pool cover and store if necessary
  • Restore water level to normal levels
  • Reconnect your pool equipment
  • Remove winter plugs or any winterization plugs
  • Turn system on again
  • Test water chemistry levels
  • Adjust pH balance
  • Brush pool
  • Vacuum pool
  • Run filtration system
  • Shock pool to eliminate bacteria
pool cleaning The worst thing you can do when spring comes around is to expect it to be clear and shiny when you take the cover off. There is going to be a lot of pool cleaning that needs to be done in the spring as well as all year-round. Your pool’s chemistry changes during the winter and is going to need to be adjusted before you hop in. Your water levels will have changed. Depending on whether they have gotten higher or lower, you’re going to need to fix them as needed. As you are doing your pool cleaning, make sure you protect your pool’s tile and its coping. This is the perfect time to activate your equipment. There is no reason to wait for the first week of summer to start. It’s springtime and warm enough to get the pool going. pool cleaning You don’t need to heat your pool during spring months. Heating the pool when the air still has a chill can cost quite a bit. If you open your pool too early, you are going to have to deal with maintenance, but you aren’t going to be able to swim in it. If you want to get an early start on balancing your pool’s chemistry levels, regulating the water levels, and ensuring that everything is working properly, go for it. If you have a spa, you can enjoy this early on in the season and this is something to think about if you are a potential pool owner that is thinking about designing their own pool. If you don’t feel like dealing with cleaning your pool, there are pool services you can use that will take care of the whole process for you. If you need any help with your pool, make sure to give us a call. We will be glad to help you.

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Chattanooga: Detecting Swimming Pool Leaks

Chattanooga homeowners love their swimming pools, but what they do not love are swimming pool leaks. If you are one of the people that are worried about swimming pool leaks, you understand how stressful this can be. Dealing with leaks of any type is concerning but when you think that your pool’s shell could be compromised, you could be losing some sleep over the matter. In this article, we are going to talk more about swimming pool leaks and what you can do to deal with these issues. swimming pool leaks

Dealing With Swimming Pool Leaks

Before you start worrying too much, you need to see if you actually do have swimming pool leaks or if you are losing water because of pool use and splashing, evaporation or some other means of water leaving your pool. There is no use to get worked up over nothing and here are some things you can do to find any swimming pool leaks that might be in your pool.
swimming pool leaks
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Dye Tests for Swimming Pool Leaks Detection

I wouldn’t recommend doing a dye test until you know that you have a pool leak. You can use the bucket test as noted in the previous article to make sure that you do have a leak. Once it is confirmed, this is when you will proceed to this dye test. The most common places for leaks to occur are around pool fittings, the spillway for the spa and the skimmer faceplate. There are other places that you could be experiencing swimming pool leaks, but this is a good place to check initially. There are dye test kits for detecting swimming pool leaks so make sure you grab one of those since there is a special dye in the kit. Make sure all of your pool equipment if off before you start the test so the water is not disturbed by the pool returns. Put the syringe in the water near the skimmer perimeter. If the grout around the skimmer faceplate has leaks, when the dye gets near it, you will see it leave through that leak. Do the same process around each of the places you suspect leaks.
swimming pool leaks
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After you have finished the dye test and see where the leaks are in your swimming pool, you should call a pool service. If you delay your pool service needs, you may find yourself having more problems than if you would have taken care of it right away. If you need help with your pool and any leaks you might be having, make sure to give us a call. We would be more than happy to use our over 30 years of experience to help you fix your pool. We understand that your pool is important to you because of the fun and recreation it brings. We also understand that you want to keep from spending money that is not necessary so we will give you the best rate for the best work on your swimming pool leaks. Give us a call today to get started.

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Atlanta: Is my Swimming Pool Leaking?

If you think you have an Atlanta pool leaking problem, you could lose some sleep over this issue. Any problems you have that come out of nowhere can be stressful, but when it is with something that is as big of an investment as your pool, it can be extremely frustrating. In this article, we are going to talk about how to know if you have a pool leaking problem and what to do about it if you do.
pool leaking
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Things You Need to Know About Pool Leaking

If you notice that your pool’s water level keeps going down, you may have a pool leaking problem. However, this doesn’t mean that you do have a pool leaking problem. You could be dealing with evaporation or could be losing water from excessive splashing. Either of these things could be causing you to lose water and would be much better for your wallet if that is the case. Although, it never hurts to check, just in case. It isn’t uncommon that we hear from customers that are worried if their water loss is a pool leaking problem. Since water loss will occur due to the factors we spoke about above, there are some ways to determine if your loss of water is because of a potential leak or due to some other factor.
pool leaking
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Checking for Pool Leaking

Grab a 5-gallon bucket with pool water and fill it about 5 inches from the top. Fill the pool to the normal fill level. Take the bucket you’ve filled and immerse the bucket at least 5 inches in the water with the support of a step or bench and mark the water level in the bucket with duct tape or something similar.  Go to the pump, turn it off and mark the pool water level on the outside of the bucket as well. After you’ve finished, turn the pump back on and allow the pool to operate as it usually does. In 24 hours compare the two water levels. If your water level in the pool goes down more than what is in the bucket, you are likely to be dealing with pool leaking. If the water is the same level, it is most likely evaporation that is the culprit of your lower water levels. To make sure your results are true, perform the task a second time. If you want a professional point of view, Premier Pools and Spas would be more than happy to send one of our pool service guys out to check on your swimming pool. We are open for weekly pool service as well. Keeping up with your swimming pool maintenance is a important thing to do and we’re more than qualified to help you with keeping your swimming pool clean.
pool leaking
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Pool Leaking Conclusion

Most pools lose about 1/4″ of water per day but depending on the weather where you are and the amount of sunlight your pool gets, this could be different for you. Use a pool cover if you want to reduce the water loss from evaporation. Even if you suspect a leak, it doesn’t mean your pool’s shell is having problems, it could be because of the plumbing. If you think you have a leak, you should call a pool specialist right away and have them take a look. We have seen all types of challenges with pools over our 30 years so make sure to give us a call so we can help you with any problem you might be having.

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workout in the pool

Chattanooga: Swimming to Workout in the Pool

Chattanooga homeowners are realizing there is more to swimming pools than fun times in the backyard. When you workout in the pool, you allow yourself to have fun but also begin working on your health goals. In this article, we are going to talk more about how to workout in the pool to get the most out of your workout.
workout in the pool
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Workout in the Pool – Get to Swimming

With more and more people understanding the importance of combatting obesity and other health issues, learning to workout in the pool through swimming has been one of the popular topics with many people. When you workout in the pool, it doesn’t have to feel like a workout and you are able to get all the benefits.

Why to Workout in the Pool

Swimming is a great cardio workout but without the high-impact on your knees and the rest of your body like you would get if you took time to go jogging. When you are in the water, the resistance makes you work harder and this means you get more of a calorie burn. How many calories? Around 400 calories per one mile of swimming. This means that one mile of swimming burns the number of calories that four miles of running would burn. Of course, this does depend on how well you swim and what level of intensity you use.
workout in the pool
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When you workout in the pool with a low-impact exercise like swimming, you only have to bear about 10% of your weight because of the buoyancy of the water. People that suffer from arthritis and other conditions related to joint pain favor swimming because of its low-impact nature. Swimming helps to reduce the risk of disease. This is a great motivator to workout in the pool. Swimming controls blood sugar levels, reduces levels of bad cholesterol in your blood and lowers blood pressure. If you want to add a new workout to your life or add it on to what you are already doing, swimming is a great addition to your routine.
workout in the pool
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Starting Your Workout in the Pool

If you’ve never done a workout in the pool, you may want to take it slow so you don’t tire yourself out. While you do want to get your heart rate up, you do not want to signal to your body that this exercise is too much for your level of fitness. Give yourself enough of a challenge, but also let yourself have the win so you want to get back in the pool and give it another go. For those of you that already have a pool, you can get started right away. For those of you that do not yet have a pool, you could get started with your swimming routine faster than you might think. Give one of our experts a call and we can talk with you about the options you have to get started with putting a pool in your backyard.

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Atlanta: Dealing with Rainfall in the Pool

Atlanta homeowners understand there are going to be times that rainfall in the pool causes challenges. In this article, we are going to talk about dealing with rainfall in the pool and how to fix the problems it can cause.

Rainfall in the Pool – It Can Cause Problems

rainfall in the pool
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If you are not a pool owner, rainfall can be enough trouble. When you have a big pool in your backyard and the heavy rains are coming down, you most likely are not happy. Large quantities of rain can cause huge problems, but if you know how to deal with them, you won’t have to be caught off-guard. Problem #1 – Too Much Water In Your Pool It’s been raining for a while and you look out to check on the rainfall in the pool and what has happened. You see that there is too much water in your pool, but what do you do? As soon as you notice the water levels are too high, it is time to lower the water level in your pool so you can keep skimming as needed. This will help you avoid contamination from planters and deck area flooding. If you have a sand or DE filter, you can most often lower the water levels by placing the multiport value onto the “waste position” and roll out the backwash hose. If you have a slide (push-pull) valve, you should backwash the filter to lower the water level. rainfall in the pool Your pool may have a hose spigot plumbed after the pump or the filter value. If your pool does, you can connect a hose to lower the water level. Submersible pumps are also good options when you want to keep your pool from overflowing. The siphon method can work for you too. Take a pool vacuum hose, prime the hose in the pool to fill it with water, attach a vac head or use a heavy item for holding the hose on the first or second step, pool ladder or swim out.  Once you do this, cap the other end of the hose with your palm and pull the hose away from the pool quickly and a few feet below the water level of the pool water. After doing this you can uncap the hose at ground level and let it go. Make sure to watch its progress.
rainfall in the pool
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#2 – Poor Water Drainage If you notice your pool floods a lot and run-off goes into your pool instead of pool overflow only being caused by rainfall in the pool, you need to fix this problem. Your pool deck needs to slope 1/4″ for every foot and your storm run-off needs to go somewhere, but that somewhere is not in your pool. If you aren’t sure how to take care of this, you can call one of our pool professionals to help you work on the challenge. While rainfall in the pool can be frustrating, you do not have to let it get you down. Use the solutions above to help you keep your pool safe.

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algae free

Atlanta: Prevent a Green Swimming Pool Full of Algae

You’ve got your beautiful home and pool in Atlanta, but here come the uninvited algae. In this article, we are going to talk about how to prevent a green swimming pool full of algae. algae

Algae – Not the Kind of Green You Want

There are green things we love, like money and beautiful grass, but when the green is algae in your pool, that has to be taken care of. If you aren’t sure how to get rid of algae and especially prevent algae, you may find it sneaks up on you at the most inopportune times like right before a pool party.

What Is Algae?

Algae are plants that grow naturally in water so it’s not hard to understand why you might see some creeping into your pool. Algae create food through the process of photosynthesis. Of course, algae does exist in different colors but green is going to be the most common color you see in pools. You could notice algae that is light green, dark green or even a bluish green. You could notice that your water becomes hazy and even cloudy and it could float in the water or may coat your pool’s sides and bottom. If you allow algae to grow in your pool it could clog your pool filters and damage your pool surfaces. algae

Why Is My Pool Water Green?

To keep your pool’s water clean, it requires ongoing maintenance. This means you are going to see to sanitize it regularly to prevent algae from taking hold of your pool. If you have a large number of swimmers in your pool, you may need to up the number of chemicals that are used in the water in order to keep it clean and bacteria free. Another reason you may have algae in your pool is the trees and other vegetation growing around the pool area. This environment will mean there is an abundance of shade over the pool and this can cause problems. Any time you decrease the sunlight on a pool, you are increasing the probability of algae in your pool. Using yard and lawn chemicals? If the products you are using contain a high percentage of phosphates and nitrates you could contaminate your pool and cause algae to start growing. Rainstorms can also change the balance of your pool chemicals so after you have a heavy rain, make sure to add more chlorine and sanitizer so your algae problem doesn’t take place.

Keeping the Green Pool At Bay

algae If you do not want algae to take over your pool, keep the sanitizer levels maintained properly at all times. You should also have the pool filter running at least 10 hours out of each 24. This is especially true when the pool is in use. Once a week you should vacuum your pool and brush the interior. If you are experiencing challenges with algae, you should use an algicide and shock the pool once a week to keep the algae away. Make sure to clean any recreational items that come from the pool so you do not reintroduce algae into your beautiful pool water.

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natural swimming holes

Chattanooga: Natural Swimming Holes near Chattanooga

While you may not be able to make it off to natural swimming holes in Chattanooga every day, there are many beautiful ones in the area. In this article, we are going to talk about natural swimming as well as how you could create your own backyard oasis.

Natural Swimming You Can’t Miss

natural swimming
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North Chick Blue Hole is only 20 minutes from downtown Chattanooga in a town called Soddy Daisy.  Between Signal and Mowbray mountains, you will find the steep gorge where North Chickamauga Creek comes down the side of Walden’s Ridge. There are multiple pools of water to swim in here with great little swimming pockets. If you don’t find one fast, keep hiking up the creek until you find one that suits you. Whether you enjoy sunbathing on the rocks or want to take a jump, there are plenty of places to enjoy the rocks near the natural swimming area.
natural swimming
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Deep Creek is well known by climbers for being a great area for sport-climbing. If you aren’t so adventurous, you can check out one of the natural swimming holes along the creek. You may get a swim and a show from one of the climbers that have come to check out the place. The land the cliff line is on is own by the TDEC and is part of the Cumberland Trail and after negotiations with climbers, they have been granted access. You can find detailed directions to the creek on the SCC’s website.
natural swimming
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Foster Falls is only 40 minutes from downtown Chattanooga and is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in all of Tennessee. There is a deep plunge pool at the base of the 60-foot drop for those of us that enjoy swimming at its finest. This spot can get seriously crowded during the summer so come prepared.

Ready to Have Your Own Swimming Hole In Your Backyard?

Hiking to natural swimming spots may not be something you can do every day, but you can swim every day if you have a swimming hole in your backyard. Imagine being able to go out to your swimming pool at any time and enjoy an experience that is just like one of the above swimming holes. There are plenty of different designs you can look through when you are thinking about creating a beautiful pool for your backyard. There are some pools that model after natural swimming holes and could fool anyone that didn’t know better. If you’ve fallen in love with natural swimming, you can create your own backyard oasis and swim anytime you would like. Depending on your needs, you may want to get a concrete pool so you can design any natural shape that you want. There may be some fiberglass designs that fit what you want as well so make sure that you reach out to a pool professional that can help you make a decision and design your pool today. Just give us a call and we can help you get started.

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It’s a New Year – Build a Pool In Atlanta

Everyone is celebrating the new year and that means you are probably thinking about improving your life which could include a home improvement. In this article, we are going to talk about how you could build a pool in Atlanta. It’s a new year, today is a new day and it’s a perfect time to design or find a pool design that you love. You probably have some ideas in your mind of what you would like and some things that you definitely don’t want with your pool. Even if you have no idea what you want, there are plenty of things to think about when you are putting together a plan to build a pool in Atlanta. build a pool

Build a Pool That You Love

If you are thinking about traditional pools and thinking that they just don’t do it for you, that’s fine. You are going to see so many different options for pools these days that the options are literally limitless. You can figure out different features for your pool, you can make your pool a different shape, a different size and more. If you have seen a pool that you would like to model when you build a pool, you can do that as well. As you are trying to figure out what the best option is when you go to build a pool, you can decide to go it alone and try to figure everything out on your own, or you can speak to a pool professional that will walk you through every step of the process with their expert advice. While the choice is ultimately yours, you should know that you could save a lot of time and money working with a professional since they will be able to help you avoid any potholes in the road to getting the pool of your dreams. build a pool

Your Pool Isn’t the Only Thing to Think About

When you are starting to build a pool, you aren’t just thinking about the pool. You have to think about the landscape, how the pool is going to affect your yard and more. There are many things to think about and every situation is different. Not everyone is going to have the same needs for their pool because not everyone is going to have the same size family, yard, budget, etc. There are many variables. This is why it would be helpful to have someone with experience working with you on this project. build a pool Whatever stage you decide to bring a pool designer or pool installer into the process, we will be glad to work with you and help you achieve your goals with your pool. Your Atlanta home can look beautiful with your new addition and we would be glad if you chose us to be a part of your process and getting your pool into your home. Creating an amazing backyard that you can be excited about is an exciting process and the result is going to be even better.

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Open in Atlanta for the Winter

If you are thinking about keeping your Atlanta swimming pool open for the winter, you’re in luck! Experts say that in this market, it is perfectly fine to keep your swimming pool open throughout the winter. In this market, we can really keep it open and from the experts, it is better for your pool equipment. Premier Pools and Spas explains this to our customers by giving them the example, say you’re parking your car for the winter, then expecting it to run great when cranking it up after it’s been sitting for a few months in the cold. It is better to run it all winter.
swimming pool open
Photo Credit: UBud Hotel

The Best Way to Keep Your Swimming Pool Open During the Winter

Once it starts getting cold, it is time to make sure you are ready for the cold. Here are a few things you should keep in mind throughout the winter when you keep your swimming pool open. #1 – You need to ensure that your pool heater or your heat pump is designed to work during cold times. There are some heat pumps that cannot function when it gets below 50 degrees, but if you plan on running yours during the cold you can find some that are designed to work into the 20-degree marks. You may see them referred to on the market as “ice breakers” or “hot gas defrost”. These will be great allies for you to keep your pool water warm and ice-free during the winter.
swimming pool open
Credit: Dan Forer, Photographer, original photo on Houzz
#2 – You aren’t just thinking about keeping your pool a comfortable temperature so you can use it, you are thinking about ensuring that the pipes are not going to freeze and cause problems. The heater must be left on at all times or you may find the pipes feeding the pool have frozen and caused you a great deal of damage and expenses. You should ensure that you have a backup power source in case of winter storms that come and knock out the power as well. #3 – Design your pool deck so that you can shovel it easily. You will find that heat from the pool will keep the close edges from freezing with ice and snow, but the pathway from your house to the pool may be dangerous if you don’t keep it well maintained.

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Open During the Winter Conclusion

swimming pool open
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Having your swimming pool open through the winter will keep your pool humming along during the spring, but make sure to follow these guidance steps above and any other advice that you get for your specific pool. Making sure that you take good care of your pool throughout the winter will allow you to have a hassle-free spring season. There is plenty of fun to be had with a pool, but if you do not take care of it, you will find yourself with problems. Ask your pool professional if there is anything else you should do during the winter to keep your pool safe for the next season and then you will be able to rest assured that all is well with your pool.

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