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Five luxury pool decking options for a modern poolscape

If you want to splurge a little when building your pool, consider a few of these luxury pool decking options. Pool decks made from natural stone perfectly complement modern, sophisticated pool settings. Here are five stone options to enhance your poolscape. Travertine Among the more popular materials used to build luxury pool decks, travertine has the

Knowing how much pool decking costs

Your pool deck provides a safe, anti-skid perimeter for walking. It also facilitates proper drainage. The best type of pool decking costs a lot, but it might be worth it. Before you make the final decision, think about the budget involved. Here are some factors you should consider. Material used Pool deck materials that demand high

Simple and elegant ideas for a beautiful poolside landscape

A swimming pool in your yard is a great way to unleash outdoor excitement. But a pool without proper landscaping may fail to deliver joy and artistic content to your yard. There are many ways to design a beautiful poolside landscape. Let's get started. Add outdoor lighting Wouldn’t you love to use your pool 24/7?

Pool patio furniture ideas for your backyard

A backyard with a pool is an ideal place for gatherings, parties, and just generally having a blast in the summer. By adding pool patio furniture, you can transform your pool into a comfortable lounge area. To reinvent your poolscape and convert it into an oasis, take a look at some innovative and popular pool

Five pool landscape ideas for a gorgeous backyard

There is nothing more pleasing than an entire day at the pool. To give your pool a complete makeover and convert it into a relaxing oasis, all you need the best landscape ideas. A balance of creativity and functionality can convert your pool into a refreshing zone. Here are some really awesome pool landscape ideas

How to select the best pool patio materials

When thinking about the best pool patio materials, there is a lot to consider. You can make a huge difference in money spent if you select the right material. Let's get started. Attractive First and foremost, it has to look good. To enhance the look of a specific poolscape theme, pick a material that perfectly

What to expect from the cost of concrete pool decking

If you are looking for inexpensive pool deck options, concrete is the best choice for you. It is a sturdy building material consisting of smaller granules of cement with other aggregate materials that lend strength to the structures. It is mixed with water before installation so the deck can withstand damages from chlorine and pool