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Pool coping for beautiful swimming pools

An inground pool can give you maximum satisfaction over time and through excellent care. You not only have to consider the overall aesthetics but durability and utility of your pool as well. All these concerns merge at your pool’s edge where pool coping is necessary for top-class pool maintenance. Let's dig in. What is pool coping?

Five ways to improve your health with a swimming pool

Imagine coming home from a hectic day to find the glittering water of your swimming pool tempting you to dive in! It's the best therapy you can prescribe for yourself. But swimming pools do more than that. They help you get fit with a myriad of health benefits. Read on to discover how you can

Tips to design a beautiful poolside landscape

Who doesn't want their outdoor space to be filled with greenery and fresh air? Poolside landscaping is a big part of this experience. But how do swimming pool surroundings affect your outdoor experience? A beautiful poolside landscape helps reduce chemical usage, conserve water and save you money. Let's get started. Privacy Want to take a

Beautify your swimming pool with these cool decking ideas

Its that time of the year when the weather is just warming up and giving you a cozy feeling. So, you will want to revamp your deck to make the most out of sunny days. Here are some cool decking ideas that will let you create beautiful yards and enjoy the warm days and breezy

Fantastic deck design ideas for your yard

Your deck is a place where leisure and luxury meet. Whether you are taking a quiet break or entertaining guests, your deck speaks volumes about your deck design approach. Today, decks can be created in a multitude of ways regardless of the scope or size of your house. From the perfect palatial Pacific-inspired lanais to

What are the best options for concrete pool decking?

A highly important consideration for a pool deck is the kind of material to use. With an ample number of concrete options for pool decking available, making the right choice can be daunting. To let you make a wise choice, check out some common concrete pool decking options. Decorative concrete Such concretes are available in

Wood pool decking: all you need to know

Pools can enhance any property. They boost property value and bring fun and entertaining elements. With pool installation, comes the requirement of pool decking, which is the area surrounding the pool and separating it from the remaining part of the yard. Pool decks are prepared in varieties of materials, but wood pool decking offers some

Replacing your pool decking concrete

Traditional pool decking concrete is dull, lacks aesthetic appeal, and is hot to walk during the blistering heat. Over the years, experienced contractors have introduced innovations. There are now new deck options available at a fraction of cost. Let's discuss two amazing pool decking options that can transform your pool and give it a spectacular

How to select the best pool decking material

The pool deck is the area surrounding your swimming pool. Also called a pool patio, this space lets you place tables, lounge chairs, other furniture elements meant for relaxation. To ensure your pool deck appears stylish, functional, and attractive, pick the right pool deck material. We list some helpful tips to let you pick the best

Seven types of natural pool decking for your home

Your pool deck is an important part of the entire backyard. It not just adds more functionality, but also more style and personality to your pool. There are varieties of materials available to create beautiful pool decks, but there is nothing better than natural pool decking. Here are some popular natural pool decks to figure out

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