5 Money Saving Tips for Your Swimming Pool

We are going to jump right into 5 money saving tips for your swimming pool. Save money and use it to buy more awesome pool toys! Photo courtesy of #1 - Proper Vacuum Head Storage If you store your vacuum head properly, you won't need to replace it near as often. Most

The 3 Most Common Questions About Buying a Pool

For most people, constructing or buying a pool fulfills a lifelong personal dream. You may have visions of spending the hot months in the backyard with family and friends, enjoying a few drinks, cooking meals on the grill and simply enjoying yourselves. Choosing the right builder is key when constructing your dream. With a bit

Find Financing For Your Pool

Ways to Find Financing for Your Pool There aren’t many people out in the world that can pay for a pool from the money in their pocket, but lucky for you pool companies, like Premier Pools and Spas, offer financing options that you can take advantage of. Some things you’ll need to know and make

When’s the Best Time to Buy a Pool?

When's the best time to buy a pool in Phoenix, Arizona? Premiere Pools wants to let you in on a little secret. Winter is actually the best time to buy a pool. Sounds weird, we know, but it’s the truth.  Despite conventional buying patterns, who often think that the best time to buy a pool is

How Much Does an Inground Pool Cost?

Thinking about how much does a pool cost? That's quite like asking how much does a home cost? There’s no easy answer. Inground pool costs hinge on so many different points that the only real way to determine the true price is to get an estimate from your local Premier Pools & Spas representative. But

How Much Are Typical Monthly Swimming Pool Payments?

There is a lot to gain from getting a swimming pool. It's like building a paradise oasis in your own home, where you and your family can spend hours of relaxation and fun. However, you need to go into this investment with your eyes open. A swimming pool in Houston will cost you, and not