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Benefits of having a spa when building a gunite swimming pool

Whether you are in the early stages of building a gunite swimming pool in your Gulf Coast backyard or if you are working with your pool builder to renovate your existing swimming pool, adding a spa is a great thing to do. Spas provide a unique look from both outside and inside of the swimming

Choosing gunite for your backyard pool

When choosing a gunite material for your Gulf Coast pool, you need to consider appearance, durability, safety, and comfort. You'll want to select materials for the water line, the coping, the pool deck and the pool's interior. Remember that the materials will be in contact with pool water that has acid, chlorine and most likely

Gunite swimming pool designs you’ve always wanted

One of the greatest investments in a property is a swimming pool and patio. Premier Pools & Spas of Gulf Coast professionals say that getting a pool means making key decisions that will ultimately affect the way you have fun, and your property's resale value. Our team of custom pool builders specializes in gunite swimming

Pensacola: Why have an automated pool cover?

Water saving, safety of children and pets, pool cleanliness, energy savings, and convenience are all benefits of having an automatic pool cover for your pool. With the turn of a key or the press of a button, engage your automated pool cover on your Pensacola pool and a pulley system covers your pool quickly and

How do pools aid a healthy lifestyle?

Get in that pool and get rid of your excess stress! A pool will give you a multitude of health benefits to aid in a healthy lifestyle. Premier Pools & Spas believes in a healthy life being important for happiness. Learn about the pool benefits below. Get Rid of that Stress! Relaxing in your pool

Building and maintaining your gunite pools in Alabama

A gunite pool in Alabama is a gorgeous high-end asset that will beautify any Alabama backyard. But things can become a bit confusing due to all the maintenance involved in keeping the swimming pool area looking great. Here are a few tips for maintaining your gunite pool. Care for pool filter Clear, clean water, is

The best Gulf Coast gunite pools gallery

If you are considering installing a gunite pool you may be trying to determine which type will go well with your Gulf Coast backyard space. The type of swimming pool you select will determine the amount of fun you can get in the water and also the amount of money you will need to invest.

Gunite Pool Surface Rough: Does Your pool Need Resurfacing?

Like your home's driveway, time can take its toll on your Gulf Coast gunite pool. Deterioration of a swimming pool over a long period is somewhat inevitable, particularly when it is subjected to disinfecting chemicals, every year. Swimming pool resurfacing can do amazing things for your aging gunite pool and breath a new life into it.

Gunite pool lifespan: Why a gunite pool is the best option

If you're installing a pool in your Gulf Coast backyard, there are several types to decide on. A common option is a gunite pool since it's very durable and has many design options. A gunite pool has a lifespan that is unmatched. Let's find out why. Lifespan Gunite inground pools spray a mixture of water,

Factors that determine gunite pool cost in a Gulf Coast backyard

Before your dream of installing a gunite inground pool on your own Gulf Coast property becomes reality, think about all the factors that affect the gunite pool cost. In addition to pool installation, you should consider the maintenance cost as well. If you choose to start, design your gunite inground pool wisely. Choose a spot

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