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Gulf Coast: How Your New Gunite Pools Would Be Installed

Getting your own gunite pools can be very exciting when you are working on your Gulf Coast backyard. You may not be sure how things would work if you got a pool installed. Not knowing how something is going to work sometimes holds people back. In this article, we are going to talk with you about how your new gunite pool is going to be installed. gunite pool

Gunite Pool Installation Process

While there are many steps and processes to go through when it comes to gunite pools installation, we have broken it down into the seven main steps. Designing and creating a plan for your pool is the first step when it comes to getting ready for gunite pools installation. You need to work out all the kinks before you start building your pool. You need to think about how the pool is going to look and function, but you also need to think about how the whole backyard is going to look. Designate the pool area and get ready for excavation to make sure you are ready for the pool to be put in your backyard. gunite pool Have the plumbing installed. Have the steel frame installed. Gunite is then sprayed throughout the frame. In case you didn’t know, gunite is concrete. Tiles, coping and pool finish are installed. Fill your pool with water.

Gunite Pools Installation Simplified

gunite pool As you can see, having a gunite pool installed is not as complicated as you might think. As long as you work with a reputable company that knows how to do the work, you are going to be able to have a project that is taken care of with ease. Planning out your wishlist for your pool is important to do before you start trying to do any work on your pool or yard. If you start putting things in your backyard before you get the whole plan together, you may end up removing them. This includes gardens, paths, and trees. Ensure that you are thinking of the big picture. When you work with us, we know how to work with you to go through each step of the process that is listed above. We also understand who is a good candidate for a gunite pool. People that have pets or kids tend to be good prospects for gunite pools since some other pools can get damaged. Vinyl can get ripped and have problems by a gunite pool is hard to mess up. There are going to be issues with anything after many years, but a gunite pool is going to last for many years when you take good care of it. Now is a great time to give us a call about getting your pool installed. After working in the pool industry for other thirty years, we understand how to get the job done in a timely manner. If you want to work with professionals and have a high-quality product in your backyard, you want to work with us.

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water feature

Orange Beach: Build your Swimming Pool with a Water Feature

If you have pool envy at your Orange Beach home, don’t worry because you can cause some envy of your own. Look for a water feature that is nice enough to make even the fanciest neighbor envious. There are plenty of design options to choose from. In this article, we are going to talk about building your swimming pool with a water feature. water feature

Water Feature & Luxurious Pool

If you’ve ever been to a resort and enjoyed their fancy waterfall or bubbler, there is no reason that you can’t do that for yourself. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure that you get the luxurious pool of your dreams with a water feature that makes your friends with pool ready to upgrade. One of those things is getting a good design plan in order. Unless you’ve had some experience in designing swimming pools or you work in the industry, you may not be aware of all the new features that are available or how you can pair them together to make an amazing water display. This is why you should give us a call when you are thinking about getting started with your new pool. We have over 30 years of experience and can help you design a pool that is out of this world.
water feature
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Pool Waterfalls Most pool waterfalls use your pool as a water source and through pipes connect the water to the feature’s spout. This is where the water falls several feet and goes back into the pool and this is how a water fall is different from a water cascade. You shouldn’t worry about how the pipes are going to make your pool look since they are concealed both for your vision’s sake and also for the safety of the pipes. Pool Bubblers There are a lot of designs for bubblers. Some are sea animals, turtles, frogs – you name it. They spill over into the pool but don’t require as much water as a waterfall is going to. Another style of pool bubbler is one that is submerged into the pool. Most of these are in a shallow area of the pool or tanning ledge. water feature

Relax in Your Personal Oasis with Your Water Feature

No matter what type of water feature you decide you would like to have in your pool, they are very relaxing since the sound and movement on the water reminds you of being at a hot spring or a spa. Whether you have kids or it is all adults swimming, water features are a great way to liven up your pool and make it look beautiful. With the limitless options that are available, you will be able to get the exact look that you want. If you are ready to start working on your design and get a pool that you neighbors can envy, give us a call. You will be glad you did when you are sitting by your pool with your toes dipped in the water. We look forward to working with you.

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basic maintenance

Pensacola: Basic Maintenance for Your Pool in Summer

If you are wondering about basic maintenance for your Pensacola Beach pool during the Summer, you could be concerned about whether or not you are taking proper care of your pool. If you have a pool and do not keep up the basic maintenance, you may run into other challenges and problems with your pool as time goes on. In this article, we are going to talk more about basic maintenance and what you should do to make sure your pool is properly taken care of. basic maintenance

Basic Maintenance Things to Remember

With Summer at hand, your tan isn’t the only thing you need to take care of. You also need to take care of your pool by performing daily, weekly and monthly basic maintenance tasks. Skimming the Surface Your pool filter will help prevent small debris from collecting in your pool but larger things are not going to be caught when they come into the pool. That is when you need to clean it yourself or use an automatic surface cleaner to remove leaves, flowers and any other debris that might have made it into the pool. If these things are left in the pool, your water might become cloudy and cause buildup in your pool. basic maintenance Check Your Pool’s Filter As a part of basic maintenance, you need to clean your pool’s filter regularly. If your water looks cloudy, you need to clean out your filter. You can clean your filter by using backwashing. Backwashing is the process of cleaning your pool filter by reversing the flow of water in order to get rid of contaminants. You can do this by running water through the filter on the opposite side of its usual flow. Anything that is built up in there is going to get out. Maintain Chemicals In Your Pool Having the proper chemicals and proper levels in your pool is important. These chemicals are what keeps the bacteria from enjoying a friendly swim in your pool. To make sure that you have proper chlorine and pH levels in your pool, you can get a water testing kit or hire a pool service to come see what you have going on. During the summer, it is very important that you pay close attention to your chemicals. This is when most people are using the pool and having a grand time splashing about. This means there is going to be sunscreen and hair products contaminating the pool as well so that can throw off your pool’s chemical levels. basic maintenance

Keeping Up Basic Maintenance

Making sure to vacuum your pool, brush the sides and check your pool’s circulation are also important things to keep in check throughout the summer. If you are tired of having to keep up with all of the requirements, you may find it helpful to take on a pool service that will take care of any headaches for you. No more worrying about scheduling time to check on the pool because a professional will be taking care of it. If you’d like help with this, make sure to give us a call.

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pool designs

Gulf Breeze: How Much Pool Evaporation Should You Expect?

If you are curious about pool evaporation at your Gulf Breeze residence, it’s a good thing that you are paying attention to your pool water levels. If you don’t notice your water levels going down and there is a pool leak or other problem that is causing the level of your water to go down, you could be in for major problems. In this article, we are going to talk about pool evaporation as well as what could be wrong if your water is going down for other reasons than pool evaporation. pool evaporation

Pool Evaporation & What to Expect

First, if your pool is uncovered, you should expect to experience more pool evaporation that if you were to have a pool cover on when your pool is not in use. You should expect about a quarter inch of water per day to evaporate. This isn’t to say that your water won’t be lower than this decrease if you have a heavy day of swimming so make sure to take that into account as well. Depending on how the weather is when you are checking your pool evaporation it could vary so don’t start worrying about leaks right away if you notice less water in your pool. Sun and air temperature, wind velocity, splashing, rain, and hailstorms can affect pool water levels. pool evaporation

What to Do In a Storm

If you know that is a storm is coming, you need to properly prepare your swimming pool for the brunt of the storm. Make sure it is tightly covered and all pool accessories should be out of the pool and stored somewhere safe so they are not blown around causing damage to your home and yard. When you are experiencing heavy winds in dry weather, it is going to cause a higher level of pool evaporation so keep a watch on your water during these times if you keep your pool uncovered.

Sun & Wind Effects on Pool Evaporation

pool evaporation The way the weather operates in Gulf Breeze might be giving you whiplash as a pool owner so make sure you watch your chlorine and other pool chemicals to ensure they are at the proper levels. Intense sunlight will lead to pool evaporation and that doesn’t mean only water. Your chlorine and other chemicals are prone to evaporation as well but you can prevent too much chlorine evaporation by using stabilizers. If you want to make your life easier and less, make sure to get a good cover for your pool. If you are experiencing a drought, filling your pool can be very expensive and lead you to fork out more cash than you want to each month.

Checking for Pool Leaks

If you think that you have a pool leak, you can do a special dye test with a kit to make sure that is not what it is. If you find you have leaks in your pool, make sure to call a pool professional right away.  We will be glad to help you with any problems you might be having.

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safe pool designs

Gulf Coast: What Are the Best Safe Pool Designs?

If you are looking for safe pool designs for your Gulf Coast home, you may have noticed there are many options in terms of function and design. When you are thinking about your kids out splashing in the water and playing with their favorite inflatables, you also think about how safe they are when they are out playing. In this article, we are going to talk about safe pool designs that will put your mind at ease. safe pool designs

Safe Pool Designs & Building Your Dream Pool

You want to make sure your kids are safe and sound here and here are some things to think about as you are working on the safe pool designs. Coping As you are creating your safe pool designs, one of the major things you will have to make a decision on is the coping. Coping is the hardscaping material that surrounds the body of water. You want to make sure you select something that is not slippery. It doesn’t matter how many times we tell our kids not to run around the pool, they are still going to do it. Some materials to consider are concrete or travertine and no matter how pretty it looks, do not use porcelain or Saltillo tiles as they are slippery when wet. safe pool designs Keeping an Eye Out If you want to keep an eye on your kids easily, make sure you position your pool in a way that it is easy for you to see your kids from the house. It doesn’t matter if it is being used or not, you need to keep an eye on your pool to make sure that no one has entered it when they shouldn’t be there. Teaching your kids all the safety techniques is great, but kids do not always understand how to keep themselves safe. Diving If you are going to allow diving in your pool, make sure you have it built to industry standards so that you can dive. Not all pools are meant for diving so make sure that your pool is built to those standards before you dive. Fencing for Your Pool When you have a pool, you should have a way to keep kids, animals and any unwanted visitors out of your pool. Many areas have a law about what kind of a fence or other enclosure you are allowed to have or required to have. Make sure you check to see what the laws are in your area so you do not get in trouble for having an unprotected pool. Even if you weren’t required to have a fence, it is helpful and will allow you to have peace of mind. safe pool designs

Safe Pool Designs – Conclusion

Now that you know a little more about safe pool designs, you might be ready to get started on your project. If you are ready to get to work on creating your safe backyard oasis, make sure to give us a call. We would be delighted to help you on your project.

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Las Cruces

Colorful Outdoor Spaces for Your Pensacola Oasis

Winter is that one season during the year when nature’s color palette tends to become duller. This is true for this is true for towns and cities all across the country, even southern places like Pensacola. If your backyard is being drained of its usual color as winter approaches, or you simply just want to brighten it up a bit regardless, here are a few ways that you can add some color to your outdoor spaces. Pensacola

Add Color To Your Pensacola Oasis With Furniture

Along with your swimming pool, your tables and outdoor seating are oftentimes the focal parts of your backyard. As a result, adding color to your seating arrangements is one of the most effective ways that you can add much needed color to your backyard. However, if changing out your entire outdoor seating arrangement can seem like too much of a hassle (and most likely too costly as well), there is a more convenient and more cost effective alternative. Simply switching your cushions and pillows to ones with different colors can be a great way to introduce some much needed color in your backyard. So get rid of those brown, gray, or tan cushions and pillows and get some more “fun” colors into the mix.

Add Color To Your Pensacola Oasis With Paint

Now no one is asking you to repaint your entire house – that would be just silly. Instead what you could do to bring some color into your backyard is simply paint one of your garden walls or one of your exterior walls with an attention-grabbing color. Pensacola We’re not giving you permission to go ahead and paint your wall bubblegum pink or some other outrageous color. Instead, what you should be doing is trying your best to choose a complementary color. Take a look at your backyard from various angles with various color samples in hand and try to complement some or all of the key features in your backyard – the swimming pool, your plants, or your furniture.

Add Color To Your Pensacola Oasis With Décor

Sometimes it’s the “little” things that matter the most. What this means is that oftentimes even minor changes to your backyard can breathe new life into the area and make it feel fresh and new again. If your backyard has potted plants (and if it doesn’t then you should really go out and get some) then changing your flower pots is a great way to add color to your backyard. If you have leafy plants that are known for their greenness, you can complement them by giving them flower pots that have “odd” colors like vermilion, magenta, cyan, etc. Pensacola Outdoor rugs and decorative tiles are a great way to inject some color into “your backyard. While the ground is usually neglected from a decorative standpoint outdoors (durability is often more important than style in Pensacola), outdoor rugs can be both durable and stylish while many decorative tiles can withstand years of wear and tear.

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Las Cruces

Pensacola Has A Cool New Splash Pad!

Summer fun in Pensacola is usually accompanied by the intense heat and so residents are always looking for the best ways to stay cool while still having fun. Backyard swimming pools are a great way to beat the summer heat from the comfort of your own home. Likewise, community swimming pools in Pensacola offer some of the cool comfort and convenience of a residential swimming pool as well. These are great ways to cool off and have fun with the entire family; however, now there is another option in Pensacola – a splash pad! Pensacola So What Is A Splash Pad A splash pad is an alternative water feature that can usually be found in public parks in cities such as Pensacola; although they can be built for residential properties as well. Whether you call it a splash pad or a spray pool it is still the same fun water feature. It is a designated water play area that, unlike swimming pools, actually doesn’t have any standing water (or it has a negligible amount). The average splash pad will usually consist of a heavy duty material to cover the floor area, such as crumb rubber or non-slip concrete. Coming up through this surface will be ground nozzles of varying heights and shapes. These ground nozzles carry water from underground pipes up through the base of the splash pad. The curvature, shape, and direction of the nozzle will determine how the water is sprayed out. Some features of complex splash pads can include: tree showers, rainbows, and even mushroom showers. A few splash pads will even give users the ability to interact with each other by spraying water other with water from movable nozzles. While these moveable nozzles look somewhat like the ones one fire trucks, they don’t spray water with enough force to actually hurt anyone. Pensacola The control mechanism for a splash pad can vary with each design. A basic splash pad will just have a simple on and off switch or valve that controls the flow of water to the nozzles and showers. More advanced splash pads will have a more convenient solution in the form of motion sensors that are usually hand activated. These motions sensor based water pads typically run on a timer, preventing excess water wastage. High quality splash pads will always use water that is safe to be played in. Freshwater is sometimes used; however, it can also be water that is recycled and treated. If a splash pad is located on a community lot then the water will usually be treated to the same standard of purity as swimming pool water. Pensacola

Our New Splash Pad In Pensacola

Splash pads are a great way for kids to have fun in Pensacola in a safe and convenient way. Since there is little to no risk of drowning then lifeguards and other safety personnel are not required. Kids can be left to frolic and play on a splash pad with limited supervision from parents or guardians. Our Premier Pools & Spas team in Pensacola has just finished the construction of a brand new splash pad! Kids in Pensacola can now have fun this summer in their very own little water park. Get down there and take a look for yourself!

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pool enclosures

Gulf Coast: Pros of Pool Enclosures

Residents of the Gulf Coast are often thinking about pool enclosures. Pools are a great way to enjoy recreation with friends and family so you will be able to stay cool while having fun. If you do not have a pool to play outside, it can be unbearably hot at times. In this article, we are going to talk about the pros of pool enclosures. pool enclosures

Things to Know About Pool Enclosures

Pool enclosures are a common option for people that need to fulfill their safety obligations legally. There are different types of pool enclosures and we are going to look at the reasons why you want to install pool enclosures when you get your pool.
pool enclosures
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#1 – Security The top reason people love their pool enclosures is because of the security it gives them. It protects against dirt, insects, dust, debris and unwanted visitors like snakes, people that haven’t been invited, birds and alligators. Keeping all of these things out of your pool is helpful and gives you peace of mind. #2 – Easier to Maintain Since your pool is going to have less debris in it, it makes your pool much easier to clean. If you keep your maintenance up, you will find it is very easy to clean.
pool enclosures
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#3 – Getting More Swim Time When you have your pool enclosed, you are going to be able to get more swim time. If you add a pool heater, your swim season can be considerably longer than those people that do not have an enclosure and heater. Enclosures will protect you when rain and snow comes. If you want to add another great “offseason” feature, get an attached hot tub. #4 – Protection from Sunlight While we all love to sunbathe, it is important to keep the sun’s harmful rays off our skin so we are able to keep it beautiful and healthy. Pool enclosures will enable you to keep out of direct sunlight so you can swim longer without worrying about your skin. #5 – Design to Hold Up To Strong Winds Even if you have strong winds that berate your home, you find that the enclosures are designed to hold up against those strong winds.

Creating Your Ideal Swimming Setting

When you are thinking about where you would like to swim, you can design the exact space you would like to be. You can design everything from the landscape, to the pool enclosure and other parts of the pool. When you are creating a new swim space, there are many options these days. Instead of the days when you could only have a rectangular pool, you are going to be able to choose materials, size and shape of your pool. If you aren’t sure what you would like your pool to look like and how you would like it to function, give us a call and we would be more than happy to help you understand how to get the look and feel that you need for your swimming space. We have been working in this field since 1988 and would like to help you become one of our thousands of happy customers.

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tile maintenance

Keeping Up With Tile Maintenance in Pensacola

Now that you have your beauty of a pool, it is time to make sure your tile maintenance game is at its peak in Pensacola. The last thing you want to do is allow your gorgeous new pool to look grungy or start experiencing challenges because of poor tile maintenance. tile maintenance

Tile Maintenance Dos

You’ve invested a pretty penny into your tile so make sure to take time to learn proper tile maintenance. Here are some tile maintenance tips from our team of Pensacola Pool Builders for you. #1 – Test your total alkalinity level to ensure it registers somewhere between 80 and 120 ppm. Adjust this level before you touch your pH. #2 – Check your pool water to see what your pH level is. You want it to stay between 7.2 and 7.6. You can adjust it by adding a pH balancer to your pool water. #3 – Calcium hardness should be kept between 200 and 235 ppm. If you have your levels too high you are going to have an increased risk for scale. Just add some soft water to bring it down. You may also want to use a scale inhibitor. Keep on a proper tile maintenance/pool maintenance schedule. Make sure you are cleaning and testing your water’s balance regularly. Testing your levels daily will make sure they remain manageable. #4 – You can remove light areas of waterline scale buildup by scrubbing with a pool brush or even a sponge and a tile cleaner. Make sure they were designed for either chlorine or chlorine-free pools.

Benefits of Having Your Own Pool & Proper Tile Maintenance

There are many benefits of having your own inground pool in Pensacola and this is why it is so important for you to be able to keep up with your tile maintenance and the rest of your pool upkeep. If you don’t keep up with it, you are going to find very soon that you aren’t getting the benefits from your pool that you would like. Instead of being a joy, it will be an annoyance. Taking just a few minutes a day to do tile maintenance or at least check up on the pool will help make sure your investment is being kept well. The pure fun you are able to have when you have your own pool is one of the biggest benefits you are going to realize. Instead of having to figure out when and where you are going to enjoy your swim time, you are able to walk out your back door and just enjoy. No sharing a swimming pool and wondering how well the pool is taken care of. You have all of this because you’ve invested in your pool and you’ve taken care of it.
tile maintenance
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Tile Maintenance Conclusion

Now that you know how to take care of your tile and keep it beautiful, you can keep enjoying your beautiful pool for years to come. Whether your pool is traditional or exotic, it is going to become a key piece of your fun times. Keep it clean and keep enjoying it season after season.

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conserving water

Gulf Breeze: Dark Tile to Compliment Your Swimming Pool

If you like the natural look of a deep pool then dark tile will compliment your swimming pool. When it comes to dark tile, there are plenty of options to make your pool look beautiful with these tiles. In this article, we are going to talk about dark tile, your pool and how you can create a backyard oasis in Gulf Breeze. Looking for a quality pool builder in Gulf Breeze? Look no further than Premier Pools & Spas. We’re going to talk about dark tile today and how it can create a dramatic accent to the interior of your pool.

Dark Tile & Creating Your Backyard Oasis

Dark tile pools are becoming more popular every day. The beautiful dark colors make the pool look as if the pool is from in the middle of a jungle instead of a manmade structure. Whether the tile is large or small, the darkness makes it a deep, dark beauty. Once you’ve decided you are going to use dark tile for your pool, what else do you need to think about? What size of pool do you want? What shape of pool do you want? Do you want it to be salt water? There are plenty of things to think about when you are getting ready to create your backyard oasis. Besides for the actual pool, you should also figure out the landscaping you wish to have. 9 out of 10 new pool owners fix their landscaping at the same time as they get a new pool. When you are looking at your landscaping you should figure out if you want a patio, deck, trees, shrubs or any other structures put up. A privacy fence is a great way to give yourself privacy but it also will make your yard look beautiful.
dark tile
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Do You Want a Themed Pool?

Some people like to theme their pool, patio and the rest of their outside space. You may be a fan of a certain color or you could be a fan of a television show or something else that would constitute for a theme. Some of the ways that you can work on a theme for your pool would be changing the color of a door, your seats, flowers, throw pillows. Any accessory is a great opportunity to work on the theme of your pool and backyard. The pool is dark so maybe a Star Wars theme is in water. Come over to the dark side!

Starting on Your Dark Tile Pool Project

dark tile
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If you aren’t sure where to get started with your project, the best thing you can do is reach out to one of our pool professionals for help. We can show you exactly where to get started, what information we need and how we are going to proceed. We will talk with you about your goals and answer any questions you might have. If you’ve answered the questions in the above article, you will already be ahead of many people in the planning process so we can start working on your project and helping you get to the pool that you’ve been dreaming of. Dark tile is a great place to start and we will be glad to help you fill in the rest of the blanks.

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