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Do you Know How to Properly Clean your Pool?

As a pool owner you probably know how important it is to keep up with your swimming pool maintenance in the Heart of Texas. Knowing how clean your swimming pool is means that you know how to prevent your pool from becoming dirty. No homeowner wants their backyard oasis to become dirty. Keep reading to

Keep up with Pool Maintenance to Avoid Algae in your Pool

Algae is a common problem facing pool owners in the Heart of Texas area. This popular organism is not only ugly, but it also can cause issues to occur in your swimming pool. In addition, algae can inflict considerable damage to the pool, resulting in costly repairs. Because of this, you need Premier Pools &

How To Creatively Cover up your Pool Equipment

Your backyard is your sanctuary. Do not let your equipment encroach on the beauty and flow of your outdoor space. Rather, stylishly upgrade to a beautiful pool equipment cover. Doing so will add a accent yo your backyard, organically blending the space together. How To Creatively Cover up your Pool Equipment Covers, pumps, purifiers, and

What is the Best Type of Filter for my Pool?

You are contemplating taking the plunge and purchasing your very own swimming pool! How exciting! You know you are going to need a filtration system and are not quite sure which one is right for you. Depending on the type of swimming pool you are planning on building, you may need a different type of

How Weekly Pool Maintenance Works in Heart of Texas

Swimming pool maintenance is vital to the longevity of your swimming pool. Keeping your swimming pool clean is not only what a homeowner wants, but it will also help keep your swimming pool running longer. If swimming pool maintenance is done properly than your pool will require less repairs. Keep reading to learn how to

How do I know if my Pool Pump needs replacing?

How do I know if my Pool Pump Needs Replacing? If you are reading this there is a fair chance that you are dealing with a malfunctioning or completely out of service pump. This is a code red situation because of the potential havoc that algae is about to wreck on your swimming pool. The

Signs that Your Swimming Pool Needs Repairs

  Eventually every swimming pool needs service, even with proper maintenance. As your pool ages certain things will need extra attention. If minor problems are ignored, or simply dealt with too late, your swimming pool will inevitably need repair. In this article we're going to address the signs that you should look out for indicating

Pool Filters: Frequently Asked Questions of New Buyers

You will need pool filters for an exciting and fun swimming time. Pool pumps and pool filters are both important equipment every pool owner needs. This is because their work is to keep the pool water crystal clear. Pumps permit water flow and push it via the filtration system while the filters get rid of

All You Should Know About Shocking a Pool

Most pool owners are not sure how often they should shock their pools. Shocking a pool is definitely the most effective way to get rid of algae from your swimming pool as well as any other organic matter. This will help keep your swimming pool clean year-round. Shocking a pool is the procedure of adding

Why It Is Important to Have a Balanced Pool

Maintaining a balanced pool is important for ensuring pool equipment is in great working order and assuring the health of everybody swimming. It can at times be confusing knowing just what to look for and the best way to deal with pool water, particularly unbalanced pool water. Do you need help getting your pool water

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