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Raleigh: Deck & Patio Designs & Ideas

Do you have a pool in Raleigh and are wondering what patio designs would be good for you? In this article, we are going to talk about various ideas that may inspire you to create the patio of your dreams. Patio Designs Ideas & Inspiration Photo courtesy of Pamela Self Landscape Architecture, Ltd.

Palm Desert: Landscaping & Outdoor Design Ideas for Your Backyard

When you are looking at different outdoor design ideas for your Palm Desert backyard, you could be dealing with an overload of images. In this article, we are going to talk to you about functional and beautiful things you can do in your yard. 3 Gorgeous Outdoor Design Ideas As you are going through the

Landscaping Ideas for Your Swimming Pool

There are times when we are so creative and then when it comes to a time when we want to think of something amazing like landscaping ideas, our creativity goes out the window. All you can imagine yourself sitting next to is a sparkling pool with absolutely nothing around it. In this article, we are

Pool Designs – 3 Ideas for Your Backyard

When you are thinking about pool designs, you may be thinking about the rich and famous with their beautiful pools. While there are some pretty insane and awesome pools that cost upwards of millions of dollars. There are still plenty of pools that are within your budget that will allow you to get the same

Do I purchase my pool in spring, in the summer or in the fall?

If you are asking yourself what time of year is perfect for installing  a new swimming pool, many professionals would suggest, fall. The idea would be to wait until its offseason when you can potentially get better rates on labor and materials from builders. It is difficult to argue with that logic, although every season does

Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen and Your Backyard

Homeowners have always valued the benefits of entertaining, cooking and dining outdoors. With wonderful neighbors, fresh air and the sound of nature, most people find that some of the stresses in life appear to disappear when they have an outdoor kitchen in the backyard. A few years back, outdoor cooking meant a small grill with

Building a new home? Build a pool at the same time!

Congrats on your new home! So, you are constructing a new home? Do you think it is good to own a new pool in your backyard, as well? Below are the benefits of having your pool installed while your home is being constructed.   Reduced financing costs Usually, the cost of financing your new swimming

Beautify Your Home With A Gunite Pool

Planning to install a gunite pool in your home in Maine? Well, you’ve made a great decision. There is simply nothing like adding a stunning inground concrete pool to your outdoor space to one-up the above-ground version in your neighbor's backyard. At Premier Pools & Spas of Lewsiton, Maine, our skilled staff specializes in designing

3 Reasons to Invest in a Backyard Pool Today

If you're a homeowner, one of the best investments you can make is installing a backyard pool. Pool installation, especially for in ground pools, can be a little costly, but the enjoyment, value, and entertainment you will receive from it is virtually unmatched in the home improvement arena. Here are three reasons to get on

5 Ways to Prevent Pool Construction From Taking Over Your Life

It used to be that some people didn’t want a backyard pool because of the maintenance burden. But today, automation and easy chemical testing mean that maintenance takes only a few hours a week -- so it’s well worth getting a swimming pool for the exercise and entertainment benefits. Still, getting that pool installed in