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What is a vanishing edge pool?

A vanishing edge pool should be installed in an outdoor space that has a view. If you want a unique addition to your property, this type of pool is the best option. These pools feature one side that doesn't have any walls or edges. This gives the pool the impression of the water dropping off

Adding a waterfall feature to your pool

Planning to add style and value to your pool? A waterfall feature is an ideal addition because it lets you customize the design, install it easily, and appreciate its beauty each swim season. You should know about the range of waterfall design choices and unique features to choose from before installing one. Water curtain waterfalls

What swimming pool shape is best for my backyard?

When you are ready to add a pool to your property, you'll have some decisions to make on its style. When talking about pool designing, one thing that you should determine is the swimming pool shape. There are some things that you should think about, like your family's size and your location. Whether you choose

Incorporating additional seating into your outdoor fire pit

A well-designed outdoor fire pit will act as the visual focal point to a deck or yard. Depending on your space and budget, a variety of fire pits are available. The experts at Premier Pools & Spas provide a lot of design solutions to both warm up your outdoor space and create an appealing space for

Ways to lower your overall pool cost

Having a backyard pool in your home can add a sense of luxury. In those hot summers, pools offer a spot for relaxation and a relief from the elements. It can be costly to maintain a pool every week. Fortunately, the pool maintenance specialists at Premier Pools & Spas have important tips for pool owners

Design a Stunning Pool Deck Around Your Pool This Summer

If you want to make pool additions in your backyard to make it more lively, start with the deck options. Designing your pool deck is the first logical step to take as that is where you and your family will chill after a swim. Do not make the same mistake as most people do: that

How to Throw the Most Entertaining Pool Party in LA?

When it’s hot and you need to cool off, there’s nothing better than a pool party. After sifting through pool design ideas and building your own private retreat, partying is the best thing to do. It is a great way to spend more time with your family and friends. A pool party offers the perfect

How to Improve Your Backyard for Outdoor Entertainment

Throwing an outdoor poolside party can be fun. However, there is a lot of planning involved. You have to prepare the food, drinks, and all the entertainment besides the nice backyard pools. To lean into the spirit of season, you need to improve your backyard with some easy upgrades. Pool builders can make it easy

6 Pool Landscaping Ideas for Summer

To create a harmonious outdoor space ready for summers, you need amazing pool landscaping ideas. The backyard in your home should be easy to maintain and fun to use. Above all, it should look beautiful to create soothing pool experiences. Getting the right type of pool is essential and so is the landscaping that surrounds

Pool Trends: Swimming Pool Designs in LA

The swimming pool designs in LA are evolving with new trends. A luxury pool is no less than a necessity for modern homes. It is a stylish home feature and a place to relax when you have time off. Since your pool gives you all the comfort, make it more refreshing and elegant with the

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