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Maine: Closing your pool for the Winter Season

Winter is approaching, and it's time to start thinking about winterizing the pool. The key purpose of winterizing your pool is to protect it from damage due to the possibilities of your swimming pool water freezing over and pipes freezing and potentially cracking. If you close your swimming pool properly it ensures that it will stay

Maine Hot Tub Tips & Tricks

So you’ve finally got the backyard of your Maine home looking just the way you want it. The flowers are all the right shades, the seating arrangements have all been placed perfectly, and the hot tub – the heart of your backyard – is beautiful. However, that hot tub is going to eventually need some repairs

Premier Pools team Maine Builds One of a Kind Ocean Pool

The owners of a one hundred year old ocean pool hired Premier Pools team Maine to simply refurbish the structure and make it structurally sound. Not only did the Premier Pools team accomplish this, but to the surprise of the client, they also managed to turn the structure into a work of art. An ocean

Pool Openings in Maine

Pool Openings in Maine In the Northeast it's getting to be that time of year again, time for pool openings in the swimming season.  At Premier Pools and Spas we believe that the proper steps taken in getting your pool opened ensures a full and healthy swimming season. Our motto is leave it to the