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Finding the Right Backyard Color Scheme

Once you have become an expert in interior decor for your North Georgia home, why not try exterior decor? Whether you've transformed your outdoor space, or you've yet to hire a landscaping service for your outdoor space, you are ready to consider the next step: selecting the design aesthetics and a backyard color scheme for

Considerations before Having a New Pool Installation

A new pool installation in your North Georgia home is a fun-filled addition for everyone to experience and enjoy the addition of water. Building a new custom inground pool requires budgeting and planning of time and finances before, during and after the actual installation. Here are things to consider before you decide on a new

Importance of Hiring a Pool Care Company in North Georgia

It always feels good to have a swimming pool in your North Georgia home! But now comes the time consuming task of pool cleaning and maintenance. There's nothing as good as when you have the pleasure to enjoy the pool and feel the serenity inside you without disruption. But if you want to keep having

Improve Your Health with Your Own North Georgia Backyard Pool

Swimming is considered one of the most effective workouts you can do to improve your health right in your North Georgia backyard pool. There are not lots of workouts where the whole parts of the body come into motion, and swimming is among those chosen few workouts. To get in great shape, you should do workouts

Create a Stunning North Georgia Backyard Resort

Picture stepping into a backyard space in North Georgia and seeing bold tropical foliage, glowing garden lights and a swinging hammock, and listening to the sound of water as it trickles from the fountain. Can you already picture yourself sinking into the holiday-relaxation mood? While taking a trip to a faraway resort will make you

Extreme Pools – Create Your Own Unique Backyard Paradise

Pool owners love spending their summertime unwinding by the pool. Extreme pools make the perfect addition to any property, particularly in North Georgia. However, how can you make your backyard oasis stand out from the rest the in your neighborhood? By working with Premier Pools & Spas pool builders in North Georgia, it's possible to