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What is the swimming pool plaster made out of?

You can choose from a variety of swimming pool plaster materials, such as aggregate, tile, and plaster finishes. Each type features a lot of textures, colors, and materials. The final look of your pool will depend significantly on your pool finish. Therefore, you might want to consider various pool finish options to settle on an

5 most popular options for a concrete pool finish

As far as a concrete pool finish is concerned, appearance matters a lot. Some people like bright blue pool and while others opt for a black watered pool. It's easy to achieve these effects. All you need to do is change your pool's surface color. You can choose from a lot of pool colors based

How much does pool building cost?

How much does pool building cost? Generally, the cost of an inground pool installation is between $35k and $100k. On average, the cost is $48k. The primary maintenance may add up to $1.8k per year. The repairs and utility may add up to $3k on a yearly basis. Waterfall, hot tubs and other custom features

Use Swimming pool plaster when Replastering your pool

Over time, the bottom and walls of your swimming pool may become sharp, bumpy and rough in some spots. So, you need to do something about it. The easiest way of fixing the problem is to use a swimming pool plaster. If you can't do it on your own, hiring a pool repair company will

What Pool Resurfacing options are there for you to try out?

If you need to fix your swimming pool interior, you can check out various pool resurfacing options out there. Since this project costs a good deal of money, make sure you consider all the factors that may affect the cost, such as the condition and geography of your pool. The biggest cost element is the

The Best Pool Finishes to Use in your New Swimming Pool

If you have a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard, chances are that you are looking for the best pool finishes. Before you go ahead and make a choice, we suggest that you consider a few primary factors to find out how your backyard will feel and look after the finishes. Opt for a water

Pebble Tec Options And Pebble Tec Pool Colors: Pool renovation

If you are going to work on a pool building or renovation project, make sure you consider a lot of things like pebble tec pool colors. Other factors to consider include size, location, pool finish, enhancements, water features, and the look and design. Another interesting thing is that you can opt for your desired pool