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7 Pool Lighting Options to Light up Your Backyard and Pool at Night

Do you visualize your pool to be more attractive and colorful? Pool lighting options will make your wish come true. These lights will create a dramatic dimension to your pool and its surroundings. Here are some pool lighting options for you to consider. Types Of Pool Lighting Flush- Mounted Underwater Halogen Lights These lights can

Swimming Pool Lighting Designs That Will Blow Your Guests Away

Swimming pool lighting makes your pool better. They add a dramatic dimension to the pool and enhance the swim experiences. The quality, number of lights, and the light arrangement in the pool also affect the safety of the people who use it. Lighting allows you to take full advantage of the pool even after sunsets.

The Perfect Pool Decking Options for Outdoor Entertainment

The pool deck is the immediate area around the pool used for various entertainment activities. It is also known as pool patio where you can place backyard furniture, tables, and chairs for family gatherings. When designing a pool deck, materials and patio essentials matter. Let’s look at some popular pool decking options for outdoor entertainment.

5 Stunning Pools that Happen to Also be Celebrity Owned

We all know celebrities are known to flaunt their wealth in different ways like luxurious homes and breathtaking swimming pools. Swimming pools are common in celebrity homes and many celebrities opt to show their riches by taking their pools to next levels. Let’s look at 6 stunning pools that happen to be celebrity owned. 1.

5 Pool Lighting Tips for Your Backyard Swimming Pool

Pool lighting has a dramatic effect on your backyard ambiance. You would not want to stop the fun after the sun goes down. Here are some ideas to light up your pool and keep the fun going. Do Not Under-Light Your Pool There is nothing like too much light to your pool. Having two to