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Class is in Session: Pool Maintenance 101

Ever since you were a kid you wanted your own swimming pool. You begged your parents for one every year. They said, “no” every year too. Your parents claimed no one in the house could take care of the dog, so how would anyone help take care of a swimming pool? They had a point. If

Finding The Right Pool Heater

Winter time is the right time for pool owners to consider adding a heater to extend your swimming season. Owners who opt to purchase a heater have the luxury of enjoying their pool year round. Swimming pool heaters are able to maintain a comfortable swimming temperature throughout the year so that you can enjoy the

Top Ten Scariest Pools in the World

10. Marina Bay Sands - Singapore Just looking at bathers enjoying this sky-top pool at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore makes me cringe. Where are the guard rails and safety harnesses? What if someone drinks too much and ventures towards the edge? What if you go for a night swim and get confused about

Top 10 Pools in The World

Someone once said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever. We've assembled a top ten list of our favorite pools around the world. We think you'll agree with some of our choices when you see just how gorgeous and architecturally remarkable these swimming pools are. #10 - Joule Hotel, Dallas TX Established in