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Swimming Pool Safety Tips

We know you want to spend all day in your swimming pool, so here are a few friendly swimming pool safety tips to stay safe and have fun before you jump in! It's hot.  Really, really hot.  After looking at the temperature forecast for today here in California (and our offices across the country are

What Are Those Brown Stains in My Swimming Pool?

How to Determine the Cause of Brown Stains in Your Swimming Pool - and How to Clean Them Over this last weekend, I took some time to get some much needed exercise in a local gym's lap pool.  The gym is clean and well-maintained, but I couldn't help but concentrate on the giant, brown stains

How Long Does a Pool Take to Build?

Now That You've Decided, Let's Try to Answer - How Long Does a Pool Take to Build? *Want a quick look at a time-lapse of a pool being installed?  Click here. The summer heat is closing in on us (we've hit the 100's in California!), you've decided to take the plunge and have your inground

LED Pool Lighting – Enhance Your Atmosphere

You'd Be Amazed at How Much LED Pool Lighting Can Enhance Your Yard Beautifully and Efficiently You've designed the perfect pool for your home, and now it's time to consider the landscaping, surroundings and more. Most people do consider swimming pool lighting when they are working on the design that best fits them, but the