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Sacramento: What Pool Tile Should Be Your Finishing Touch

When you are creating your beautiful backyard in Sacramento, pool tile is one of the things you need to think about. Choosing the right pool tile can set off your yard in a gorgeous way so that it looks as if you stepped into your own backyard luxury resort. In this article, we are going

Sacramento: Spa Maintenance

Taking care of spa maintenance in Sacramento is important. If you do not properly maintain your spa, you may find yourself in a less than desirable situation. In this article, we are going to talk about spa maintenance and how to make sure your spa keeping functioning beautifully. Spa Maintenance Must-Dos Whether you are a

Best Pool Workouts to Burn Body Fat

Carrying around extra body fat around Modesto is no fun and when you have a swimming pool you can use to get rid of it, you can find pool workouts that are going to help you ditch the extra jiggling. In this article, you will learn the best pool workouts to burn body fat. Pool

Salt Water Pool – Live on the Salty Side of Sacramento

Are you ready to have a salt water pool in your Sacramento backyard? Installing a pool in your backyard will allow you to have an amazing time with your family and friends instead of having to look at a bland backyard without any focal point. A salt water pool is beautiful and enjoyable. In this

Water Conservation in Sacramento and Your Swimming Pool

Are you worried about water conservation in Sacramento? If you are putting a swimming pool addition on you may be a little worried and wondering what you should do. Depending on what the laws are and limits are at the time that you are adding the swimming pool, you will have to act accordingly. The

Picking the Right Pool Safety Cover for your Sacramento Pool

It's about time to close up your Sacramento pool and you want to make sure that you have the right pool safety cover. There is no need to worry the whole time that you have a pool because you think that someone or something might get into your pool and cause problems. A great solution

Premier Pools and Spas- Top 50 Pool Builders

PREMIER POOLS & SPAS Earns 3 Spots in the Top 50 Pool Builders List In the annual summer release of which pool builders make the Top 50 Pool Builders List, Premier Pools and Spas earned 3 spots this year. Premier has held a spot on the Top 50 Pool Builders List for 4 consecutive years.

Swimming Pool Budget: Designers and Options

One of the main concerns of new pool buyers is their swimming pool budget. What is enough? What should they expect? The good news is that no matter what your swimming pool budget is, we can set you up with a top quality pool that you would surely be happy with! Of course, we don't