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Sacramento: Spa Maintenance

Taking care of spa maintenance in Sacramento is important. If you do not properly maintain your spa, you may find yourself in a less than desirable situation. In this article, we are going to talk about spa maintenance and how to make sure your spa keeping functioning beautifully.

Spa Maintenance Must-Dos

Whether you are a beginner who is getting started with spa maintenance or you are simply working to brush up on your skills, the following guide will be helpful.
spa maintenance
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#1 – Understand Your Spa Understand which spa you have and how it functions. You need to know how much water it holds and how the basic operations work. If you have any challenges, you will need to know this, especially if you have to make a call and ask questions about maintenance or a specific spa challenge. #2 – Spa Circulation spa maintenance Depending on the spa you have, you may have a built-in spa maintenance schedule that runs to circulate the water for around 15-20 minutes. Either way, it is important that you run your spa at least once per day or twice if needed. Obviously, the more you run your spa, the cleaner your spa is going to be. #3 – Clean Your Hot Tub Every 3-4 months, you are going to need to drain and clean your spa and more if you use it a lot. Think about keeping water in your bathtub all year, you wouldn’t do that, would you? When you fill your spa, you need to make sure the waterline and seats do not have any scum or debris on them. If your spa is outside, you will notice this happening more than if you have an inside spa. Clean the inside of your spa as often as possible and keep your cartridge filters clean by rinsing, spraying or soaking them. The more often you do this, the better your filters will keep working. About every week, you should use chemical spray that cleans the filters and rinse them afterward. When you empty your spa to clean it, you can use this time to soak your filters in a cleaning solution. Spa maintenance #4 – Spa Chemistry As you are dealing with spa maintenance, make sure your spa chemistry is working properly. It is different than dealing with a swimming pool since it is a much smaller body of water. They do require the exact same chemicals so that makes it easier if you have both a spa and swimming pool. If you aren’t sure how to get the chemistry in your spa down properly, make sure you ask a professional for help. You may only need to do this when you first get started, but it can save you a lot of trouble if you make sure to get it right.

Spa Maintenance Conclusion

Maintaining your spa doesn’t have to take a lot of time and effort. Once you understand the basics, it won’t take long at all to get your spa working properly and having a routine will help you with your spa maintenance.

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Sacramento: Can You Dye Your Pool Green for St. Patrick’s Day?

Pool parties on St. Patrick’s days in Sacramento are the best. In this article, we are going to answer the question of whether you an dye your pool green for St. Patrick’s day.
st. patrick's day
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St. Patrick’s Day and Dying Your Pool

If you’ve seen the green Chicago River, you may have thought that you want to dye your pool green like the Chicago River. While you wouldn’t have to pool 45 pounds of dye into your pool to get the results that you want, you may not want to deal with the aftermath clean up. There are different pool dyes you can use for parties, but if you are going to use the same thing that Chicago used, the answer would be no. You do not want to dye your pool the way they dyed the Chicago River for St. Patrick’s day. Adding chemicals or substances to your pool will alter the chlorine and pH levels of the pool. Pools require a balanced amount of each because the water might become infested with bacteria. You may also notice the color and texture of the pool turns murky and green (not the dyed green but dirty green). An unbalanced pool could also make you sick because of recreational waterborne illness. Let’s just say, do not swallow the pool water. You could also get an illness from breathing around the pool so you want to make sure you keep your pool clean. st. patrick's day Dying your pool for St. Patrick’s day could also mean pool damage. The deck and tiles of your pool may not come clean with a scrubbing. Unless you are prepared for a major clean up, it is not advisable to use pool dye for St. Patrick’s day.

St. Patrick’s Day Fun

If you want to have fun for St. Patrick’s day in your pool, you don’t need dye. There are plenty of other things you can do to make the pool a fun St. Patrick’s Day theme. You can have green hats for everyone when they come in but make sure they do not get them wet. Have a place to put the hats before anyone gets into the pool. Besides for dye, you don’t want a bunch of glitter in your pool either. The less foreign objects you can get in the pool, the better. Get some green beverages to serve by the pool with green cups. You can also grab some green balloons. There are plenty of things you are going to be able to do when you are looking at setting up an amazing St. Patrick’s Day pool party. st. patrick's day If you are trying to get your pool ready and need a remodel or maintenance, make sure to give us a call and we would be glad to help you with whatever you need. We have been helping people with their pools for years and have done thousands of pool jobs so we will be glad to make you another of the thousands of happy customers we have serviced throughout the years.

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Best Pool Workouts to Burn Body Fat

Carrying around extra body fat around Modesto is no fun and when you have a swimming pool you can use to get rid of it, you can find pool workouts that are going to help you ditch the extra jiggling. In this article, you will learn the best pool workouts to burn body fat.

Pool Workouts Help You Achieve Your Dream Body

pool workouts Working out isn’t always the most enjoyable thing you can do, but when you do pool workouts that help you burn body fat, that is going to allow you to do some things that are more enjoyable and still get the results you want. Invite some friends, put on some music and your pool workouts turn into a pool party. Here are some of the pool workouts that can help you get the results you want. One point to note is that you should only be up to your waist in water when you are doing the following pool workouts. pool workouts Knee Lifts Doing knee lifts will get your entire body engaged and help you burn fat. The main areas you will be working are your legs, buttocks and your core. As you can see, the main areas of your body are going to be engaged and this will help you start to build muscle. The more muscle you build, the more fat you will be able to burn even when you are at rest. Knee lifts are as simple as they sound but you can do some modifications or amp up the difficulty if you want to. Here are some ideas for your knee lifts. For beginner level, you can simply lift your knee up to where it is even with your hip. For moderate level you can bring your hand to touch your knee. To add more intensity to your knee lifts you can twist your body and put your opposite elbow on your knee. The latter will allow you to get a more intense core workout. Breaststroke Doing a simple breaststroke gets your body engaged and helps you start burning that dreaded body fat. To do the breaststroke, sweep through and reach your arms over your head with your palms together. Rotate your palms outward and pool down until your hands are almost level with your chin. Bring your hands in by your chest and reach again so you can whip it. Bend your knees and bring your heels in near your buttocks. Toes outward and kick your legs back together. Think frog! And then extend your arms forward.

Getting Your Perfect Pool Workouts

pool workouts While you may feel a little nervous about doing pool workouts in public, when you have your own pool, it is a whole other thing. You will be able to enjoy your pool workouts without worrying anyone is looking at you and judging you. You can create your pool oasis that will allow you to get your workouts in and burn fat by walking right into your pool outside of your Modesto home.

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Salt Water Pool – Live on the Salty Side of Sacramento

Are you ready to have a salt water pool in your Sacramento backyard? Installing a pool in your backyard will allow you to have an amazing time with your family and friends instead of having to look at a bland backyard without any focal point. A salt water pool is beautiful and enjoyable. In this article, we are going to talk about installing a salt water pool in your backyard.
salt water pool
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Getting Your Own Salt Water Pool

If you can’t stop dreaming about having your own salt water pool, it’s about time to call a professional to help you get your planning underway. Before you call the pool expert, you may think about what you want your pool to look like, any features you want to have put in when it is installed, etc. Some people, however, do not know what they want or what options they have. If you want to speak to someone at any stage, just give them a call and let them know what you are thinking. Designing Your Salt Water Pool When you are designing your salt water pool, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the shape of the pool and the different custom features that are available. There are many things to think about in this area so you could put a list of “wishes” together and give it to the installer so that you can get as many of your wishes as possible whenever it comes time to set a plan in place.
salt water pool
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Why a Salt Water Pool?

If you have noticed that salt water is becoming more popular, this is mainly because of ease of maintenance and lower monthly costs with a salt water pool. Around 3 out of 4 pools that are being installed are now salt water. You do not need to add chlorine to your pool because it makes its own. You could deal with other challenges such as high salt but most people that have a salt water pool would not change it. Always ask a trusted pool expert about the pros and cons of different options so that you are educated on the topic but make sure that you come to your own conclusion and do what is going to work with you specifically. There are always pros and cons with any product so depending on what you need, what could be a con for someone else could be a pro for you.

Moving Forward With Your Salt Water Pool

salt water pool
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Now that you understand a little bit more about your salt water pool, you may be ready to get moving and designing your pool. Look at the space you have available and start your planning sheet and wishlist. Speak with a pool expert that can help you get started on the right path and create the dream pool that you’ve always wanted. It isn’t hard to get going when you have someone that has been working in the field for such a long time.

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Water Conservation in Sacramento and Your Swimming Pool

Are you worried about water conservation in Sacramento? If you are putting a swimming pool addition on you may be a little worried and wondering what you should do. Depending on what the laws are and limits are at the time that you are adding the swimming pool, you will have to act accordingly. The best thing that you can do is make sure that you are sure about the laws before you start using any water. water conservation

Water Conservation Tips

If you want to know for sure what is going on with your pool once you get it, you can download an app that is called dropcountr. It will help you keep in touch with what is going on in case there is a leak or something else that you need to check into to make sure that things are properly taken care of. Get a Pool Cover When you are looking into water conservation, you need to make sure that you have a pool cover. A pool cover is going to allow you to keep as much water as possible in your pool instead of your pool experiencing evaporation. Besides for helping with water conservation, a pool cover also helps to keep debris out and you may even notice that you do not have to use as many chemicals as you had in the past. water conservation Check for Leaks You may not even know that you have leaks if they are quiet and slow enough. Look for damp spots where you wouldn’t think they should be, see if there is water-saturated soil near the area, check for leaking pipes, joiners and the like. You may even see some loose tiles or cracks and this could be a sign of having a leak as well. Lower Your Pool Water Level If you have a lower pool water level, you are going to reduce the amount of water that gets splashed out from horseplay. You should also encourage swimmers not to splash so that water stays in the pool.

Water Conservation and Your Swimming Pool

Don’t let water conservation get you down and make you feel bad about using your swimming pool. A swimming pool is a great place for friends and family to bond and have an amazing time together. Sometimes water needs to be conserved but you also need to keep having fun and keep being entertained.
water conservation
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If you haven’t gotten your pool yet, you can check with the pool professionals to see what they recommend about getting your pool in place. You can speak with these people to find out the best way to deal with getting a swimming pool into place. They know the laws and what is currently being required for installation so make sure that you tap into their knowledge so that you can get the best results for what you are working to do and that is to have an amazing pool for good times with your friends and family.

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Picking the Right Pool Safety Cover for your Sacramento Pool

It’s about time to close up your Sacramento pool and you want to make sure that you have the right pool safety cover. There is no need to worry the whole time that you have a pool because you think that someone or something might get into your pool and cause problems. A great solution for this problem is the pool safety cover.

Pool Safety Cover Dos and Don’ts

pool safety cover When you’re in the market for a new pool safety cover, you are probably wondering what you should look for in a pool safety cover but you also want to know what you should and shouldn’t do with them. Let’s talk about using a mesh pool safety cover because that is what many people choose to use. Using a mesh pool safety cover is a good option because it is durable but it is also not very heavy. Even though your pool safety cover may be able to hold a thousand or more pounds, you don’t want to purposefully put that kind of weight on the pool safety cover. The weight limit is only so you know that if a tree branch or something falls on it that you are going to be okay until you can get it pulled off the pool safety cover. Always make sure to clean off the pool safety cover if any debris gets on it. If you are using a mesh pool safety cover, you won’t have to worry about water pooling up on top of it, but you are still going to have to think about any limbs or leaves, etc that decide to take residence on the top of your pool safety cover.
pool safety cover
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Keeping Your Pool Safe From Harm

Having a pool safety cover is going to make sure that you keep your pool safe from harm, but it is also going to keep animals and people from accidentally getting into the pool. You definitely do not want to have any accidents like that so having a pool safety cover is very important. The pool safety cover, depending on how taut it is, should keep even the smaller critters out of your pool so you don’t have any unexpected guests pop up from under your pool when you go to take your pool safety cover off. Once you have designed your pool, gotten it put into your backyard and have used it for quite some time, it feels like it is part of the family so making sure that you have the proper measures in place so that things can be taken care of is important.
pool safety cover
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As long as you have given your pool proper care throughout the season and have properly winterized it, you should be good to go once you get your pool safety cover on it. This is going to allow you to have peace of mind while you are not able to use your pool during the cooler times. Making sure this is done in a timely manner is a must. You do not want to wait too long to winterize your pool and get the pool safety cover on.

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Premier Pools and Spas- Top 50 Pool Builders

PREMIER POOLS & SPAS Earns 3 Spots in the Top 50 Pool Builders List

In the annual summer release of which pool builders make the Top 50 Pool Builders List, Premier Pools and Spas earned 3 spots this year. Premier has held a spot on the Top 50 Pool Builders List for 4 consecutive years. Starting out with Pool & Spas News, Top 50 Pool Builders list was determined by residential construction revenue alone.  Pool Construction In 2012, the judging criteria was expanded and Premier Pools and Spas ranked #1, having twice the revenue of the competition. The method of ranking was updated by Pool & Spa News and started to score each franchise individually. Premier Pools and Spas largest franchise locations are Sacramento, Houston and Dallas, and they’ve each ranked on the Top 50 Pool Builders list 4 times. Collectively, Premier has made the top 50 pool builders list 17 times, more than any other pool builders in America. Paul Porter, the CEO of Premier Franchise Management, attributes the heavy presence on the exclusive list to owners adopting and embracing the philosophy and culture of respecting employees and putting customers first. “You grow a top 50 company by treating every customer like you are the number one builder in America and 50,000 pools later it is still based on every customer,” said Porter. He continued, “Now that we are judged individually, we have more exposure to the country and we are in the top 50 more than we ever were before.” Growing larger and spreading across the country, Premier Pools and Spas business of becoming a top 50 pool builder gives them the strive and dedication for their customers to be number one. Premier Pools and Spas franchisee gives one access to the tools and experience of established top 50 pool builder without having to reinvent the wheel and build a business from the ground up.  It allowed the Dallas location to make the Top 50 list within 3 years of opening its doors and this year Premier Pools and Spas Dallas was awarded the #1 in customer service honor. If you are interested in becoming a new franchisee, please visit: or call Brian Porter, Vice President of Premier Pools & Spas, at (916) 220-2194.  The screening process to become a new franchisees involves an in-depth background check, multiple inquiries to local vendors and distributors, and both prior customer and personal references. 

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Swimming Pool Budget: Designers and Options

One of the main concerns of new pool buyers is their swimming pool budget. What is enough? What should they expect? The good news is that no matter what your swimming pool budget is, we can set you up with a top quality pool that you would surely be happy with! Of course, we don’t mean those $50 plastic wading pools you can get at Walmart! We want to set you up with a top quality backyard swimming pool. In Sacramento and the rest of Northern California, this will set you back by at least $30,000. The cost of the pool already includes the basics: labor costs, materials for the interior and decking of your pool, lighting, pump and filters. Your cost increases when you choose to upgrade from a basic pool. If you want to jazz up your pool with pebble or aggregate finishes, that will cost. If you want decorative lighting or add-ons, like a tanning ledge, diving boards and slides, that will cost too. There are several factors that add to your pool costs. If you want these, make sure to have an ample swimming pool budget for it. Talk to Premier Pools and Spas Sacramento today to discuss your options.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Tip: Brush! Brush! Brush!

Want your pool to last a long time? Then, be diligent to your swimming pool cleaning. A clean well-maintained pool is key to a pool investment that pays off. A basic component of swimming pool cleaning is brushing its surface, side walls and bottom. Ideally, this should be done once a week. If you are pressed for time, try to at least clean your pool once a month. Increase the number of times that you brush your pool during summer season, when pool use is likely to reach its peak.

Swimming Pool Cleaning: How To Brush Your Pool

You’ll find that brushing your pool comes intuitively. You start at the surface. Then, you move your way to the side, cleaning each section of the pool’s walls. Once this is done, you need to brush the bottom of the pool. Make sure to cover everything, down to the main drain. Don’t mistake a clean-looking pool as actually clean. Dirt and debris aren’t always obvious. If you let these remain in your surface, sides and bottom for a long period of time, the water quality deteriorates. It can pose health risks to people who use your pool. If you want to know more about swimming pool cleaning, explore the Premier Pools and Spas Sacramento blog.