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Hot Pool Trends: Vanishing Edge Pool Info

Nowadays, the vanishing edge pool is among the most popular pools around the world. In this type of swimming pool, water flows over the swimming pool edge and it looks like there are no boundaries and the water disappears into thin air. Often, these pools are designed in a way that the edge seems to

Infinity pool: The 10 Best Infinity Pools in the World

Today, a well-designed infinity pool looks quite natural. If you are interested in the infinity-edge pool, we suggest that you take a look at the following vanishing edge pools around the world. Singita Sweni Lodge of South Africa This Infinity edge pool overlooks the Sweni River close to the South Africa border. From this pool,

Swimming Pool on Pilings

The construction of a swimming pool on pilings starts with a solid foundation to support the weight of the swimming pool. The soil conditions are important regardless of the type of construction. If you are going to build a new pool, your swimming pool builder will consider the soil profile first. If your home is

Introduction to a Pool on wooden deck

A pool on wooden deck is not much different from other types of decks. However, if you are going to plan a deck around your spa or swimming pool, make sure you consider a few important design strategies. In this article, we are going to talk about the pool on wooden deck. Important things to

Infinity pool Designs

Infinity pool designs have something special and unique to offer. Actually, these swimming pools create an illusion of infinity. The far side of the swimming pool looks like as if it does not have a clear endpoint. Moreover, water level creates an effect as if the water touches the terrain of the ocean. Is there

Piling pool: Importance of swimming pool pilings

Do you know about piling pool? Are you planning a pool for your property? If so, you may have hired an experienced pool builder for designing and installing it. But have you taken care of the pool pilings? This means you will have to get more approvals and for your pool, which means you will

How to build a perimeter vanishing edge

If done properly, a perimeter vanishing edge pool can easily create a dramatic illusion. However, if the designing is not done properly, the wall of the pool will be obvious. Actually, the lower pole should be strong enough to hold the water. Basically, in case of a vanishing edge pool, it looks like as if