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How to Find and a Repair a Temecula Pool Leak

A Temecula pool leak can happen anywhere in or outside the pool. Before looking for a pool leak, be sure to inspect your whole filter system area, which includes the chlorinator, filter, pump, heater, etc. If you own an inground swimming pool, leaks can happen when there are cracks in the underground piping. If you

Choosing the Best Chlorinator for Your Temecula Pool

Choosing the best chlorinator will make sure you constantly have sanitized, healthy and crystal clear water, in your Temecula backyard pool. You'll also have low maintenance and operating costs and also with least inconveniences. This translates in a rewarding and fun pool experience for you and your loved ones. A shoddily selected chlorinator will lead

Why are Solar Heaters a Good Investment?

Pool owners in Temecula can greatly cut down their pool heating expenses by installing solar heaters. They have low yearly operating expenses! In fact, the most cost-effective solar energy use in most climates is solar pool heating. Whether you are remodeling your existing pool or planning on installing a new custom inground pool, one thing

Solar Pool Heaters – Keeping Your Temecula Pool Warm

There are some different choices of solar pool heaters if you want to heat your Temecula backyard pool. The first choice is electric pool heaters. The second choice is gas pool heaters. The third and best choice is solar pool heaters. Many pool owners are choosing a solar heater since it will be eco-friendly and