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Pet Safety: Keeping Your Pet Safe When Swimming

If you have a pool on your Tucson property, it's best to teach your furry friend how to swim. If the pet refuses to swim or doesn't have the physical ability to do it, then make sure the pool is safely gated. The ability to swim will depend on the breed. Specific dogs can swim

Install Pool Lights for the Perfect Night Time Swim in Tucson

Pool lights are one of the best ways of transforming your Tucson backyard space and bringing a unique appeal to your home. This will be the perfect way of enhancing your pool's beauty that looks breathtaking at night. When you want to install pool lights, there’s an array of lights on the market. You can

Why You Should Build a Swimming Pool with Premier Pools & Spas

There’s no sense building a standard pool in your Tucson backyard when our expert team at Premier Pools & Spas can fully customize a pool to suit your needs and preferences. Every Tucson homeowner would enjoy having us build a swimming pool in their outdoor space. Keep reading to find out why you should build

How to Throw the Best Fourth of July Pool Party

With Independence fast approaching, you probably have made plans to host a get-together or a Fourth of July pool party in Tucson to celebrate your country. This is the best time to enjoy your Tucson backyard pool. Invite some neighbors, family, and friends over, enjoy the water, drink some mouthwatering beverages, and you’ll have quite

Why You Should Consider Pool Installation in Your Tucson Backyard

If you are seriously considering having a pool in your Tucson backyard, you are not alone. There are many homeowners who face backyard pool installation come every summer. As is the case with most things, installing a pool in your backyard has pros and cons. But the pros will outweigh the cons and we’ll show

The Benefits of Building a Salt Water Pool in your Tucson Backyard

A salt water pool in your Tucson backyard is much more than simply a relaxing spot to swim. Salt water pools also provide many health benefits, ranging from reducing your stress levels to soothing your skin. Though these pool types do require some chlorine for disinfecting and sanitizing the pool water, they are best for

5 of the Best Swimming Pool Workouts to Try This Summer

As summer approaches in Tucson, you should consider taking a break from the gym and think about swimming pool workouts to keep yourself fit and refreshed. Swimming is one of the best ways to get in shape. This is because it focuses on your whole body and by using low impact physical activities. Swimming pool

Small Pools – What is a Spool?

A spool is a combination of two words; pool and spa. Spools are much smaller than standard pools, measuring about 10 to 16 feet in length and 6 to 8 feet in width. This is the reason why they are also commonly referred to as small pools. You can think of a spool as the

Energy Efficiency – How to Reduce Your Pool’s Energy Consumption

A pool is a great addition to any Tucson property. It is the best environment for get-togethers, friendly gatherings, and a healthy outlet for working out. But having a pool can be expensive. From filter replacements and chemicals to energy efficiency, it stacks up quickly. So if you had ways of reducing your pool's energy

How to Design a Swimming Pool You Will Love

Are you looking for a great way of getting outdoors and enjoy quality time with your friends and family in Tucson? You might want to think about contacting Premier Pools & Spas, Tucson pool builders to start designing a pool for your home. Custom inground pools offer lots of fun opportunities, and a new pool

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