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Pool Cleaning Tips to Help you Out During the Summer

Owning a swimming pool is every homeowners dream. The dream of having all of your friends and family members in your beautiful backyard oasis, while you guys are creating life-long memories. Nothing beats a summer well spent like that. To make all of your summer dreams come true, you have to remember to keep up

Safety Fences for Pools: Rules and Regulations You Should Know

The best offense is always a good defense. If you have small children or even small animals that do not swim, you know how careful you must be. You and your family may be considering installing or purchasing a swimming pool. You of course would like to be as safe as possible, however is a fenced

What is the Cost of Maintaining a Pool?

Most homeowners like to save money, get a good deal, or find a bargain where you can. In this day and age DIY projects are ever growing, and you most likely can find a how-to video on almost anything. Since your swimming pool was a sizable investment in itself, you may think to yourself "How

What to expect from West Austin pool cleaning service

What you can Expect from your West Austin Pool Cleaning Service Maintaining your pool is high priority no matter where you live. So many tasks go into the process. Especially in areas where the weather is in the higher digits a lot of the year, this is because your swimming pool is used more frequently.

Is A Salt Water Pool the Right Choice for Your Austin Backyard?

Salt water pools have recently become more popular because of how energy efficient they are. However, salt water pools are commonly misunderstood. Salt water pools are nothing like the water you experience when you take a trip to the beach and take a dip in the ocean. They get their name because they use sodium (salt)

Should I Close my Pool for the Winter?

Premier Pool Service of West Austin has multiple suggestions on keeping up with your winter pool maintenance; in fact, we offer service packages that will keep your swimming pool looking better than ever. There are seasonal service options to choose from, as well as more information about other repair options we can provide to you.