By now, most of us know there are lots of celebrities who are not scared to show off their wealth. One of which is their incredibly luxurious properties. From buying ultra-costly cars by Rolls Royce, Bentley, and Maybach to their spa-like bathrooms and spacious living rooms to great outdoor activities and gourmet kitchens, it is all that we require to attest that life as a superstar is as flashy as they come. One amazing feature in any celebrity’s backyard that often gets lots of attention is their luxurious pools. Celebrity pools have set new greater standards for luxurious pools and backyard space.

Here’s a look at the celebrity pools for inspiration.

1. Sophie Anne

This expensive looking swimming pool does not belong to a specific celebrity. It’s home to Sophie Anne (vampire Queen) on the well-known series True Blood.

celebrity pools


2. Cindy Crawford

This Cindy Crawford’s beautiful vanishing edge pool is set above the Malibu coastline. It lines up nicely with the Pacific Ocean, forming what seems to be a never-ending ocean right outside her backyard. Though this oasis is a little bit smaller, it’s no less stunning. Natural stone terraces surround this pool, which includes lush palm trees and shrubs, which create a natural ambiance and privacy.

celebrity pools

3. Rob Lowe

Located in Santa Barbara, California, this dream home is constructed by Lowe and his wife Sheryl. The twenty-room main house is set on four landscaped acres. There’s a swimming pool that matches the property and house to perfection.

celebrity pools

4. Rod Stewart

This residence is complete with a classic Roman swimming pool to fit the personality and style of the home.

celebrity pools

5. Cher’s pool

The celeb’s vanishing edge pool seems to run off the property’s edge straight into the ocean below. The pool appears as though it sits almost directly behind her Cher’s mansion, letting her dive right in. The loggia situated beside the luxurious pool has hand-carved marble arches. It also has comfortable couches that provide spectacular views of the swimming pool. This creates a pool space that’s the classic case of beauty.

celebrity pools

6. Mark Wahlberg

The pool has a 12 ft. waterfall, as well as a grotto and spa feature. Actually, this proves how updating the area around the swimming pool can improve its overall elegance.

celebrity pools

7. Anna Faris’ Tropical Pool

There’s a lot to say when it comes to the incredible tropical swimming pool at this celebrity actor’s residence. This lagoon-like pool is unique as it’s situated in the midst of a landscape that has lush greenery. The kidney shaped pool, lighting, and some lounge furniture pieces transform the pool space into a private getaway.

celebrity pools

8. Ralph Lauren’s Pool

This celebrity fashion designer owns has a number of homes. Besides the main house and various guest rooms, his 16,000 acre Double RL Ranch has a breathtaking pool, horse stable, preserved very old barn, and a full gym.

celebrity pools

9. Roberto Cavalli

Similar to his well-known fashion pieces, this swimming pool is bold! The posh swimming pool has Roberto’s popular prints of animals on chaise lounges.

celebrity pools

10. Vera Wang

Do you want the best view of Beverly Hills, California? Visit the pool of this fashion icon. The best spot to daydream while having an evening swim.

celebrity pools

Thank you for taking a look at these celebrity pools. Remember to visit this article again for inspiration. If you want a new custom inground pool installation please contact Premier Pools & Spas of St. Louis today!

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