LaurenMany celebrity pools are lavishly designed with an ambiance that mimics natural waterfalls, ponds, and resort pools. So, when it comes to those in the fashion/design scene, an even higher level of luxury is expected. Fashion designer Ralph Lauren is no exception. While he’s famously known for establishing one of the most globally successful brands, Lauren is also praised for his unique taste in real estate. From his spacious ranch in Colorado; to his smaller apartment in Manhattan; to his mansion in Bedford, New York; and his villa in Jamaica, one thing that is certain is that Lauren knows houses as much as he does fashion.

It’s hard not to notice the amazing view of Lauren’s 17,000-acre Double RL Ranch every time that you are in Colorado making your way from Montrose to Telluride.  The ranch has amazing features such as a horse stable, gym, a barn, and guest accommodations that are separate from the main house. However, it’s the gorgeous swimming pool that has grabbed our attention.


Ralph Lauren’s Double RL Ranch Pool

Situated just off the main lodge of the property, the pool resembles a natural pond with clear waters that reflect the beautiful San Juan Mountains. The antiquated furniture around the pool fits perfectly into the natural setting and from the pool you can see a spectacular view of the mountains. Lauren himself often enjoys relaxing along the scenic pool with close family members.


Bedford Pool

Another addition to our list of amazing celebrity pools. While Lauren’s Double RL Ranch Pool has a charming old-fashioned style, the pool at his residence in Bedford, New York is more of a contemporary design and it’s garnished by nineteen Louis XV chairs. Towering pine trees overshadow the area around the Bedford pool creating the perfect spot for relaxing during warmer temperatures.


Pool in Jamaica

The infinity edge pool is one of the major attractions of Ralph Lauren’s villa in Jamaica. The original swimming pool occupied a small space but Lauren replaced it with a larger pool; a worthy opponent for other lavish celebrity pools. It’s enclosed by palm trees and other lush vegetation which recreate the feel of a stunning tropical oasis. “It feels like paradise. We go there as often as we can escape” said Lauren and his wife.

Celebrity pools and outdoor spaces are usually awe-inspiring, from Lebron James spacious infinity-edge pool to Sylvester Stallone’s custom-designed pool at his home in La Quinta. It’s no surprise that a fashion industry game changer like Ralph Lauren knows how to dress up his house from the inside out.

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